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Great choice of local Antrim & Ballymena driving instructors

Eileen Cummings Area Director: Eileen Cummings acclaim driving school's instructors in Antrim and Ballymena are passionate about safe driving and how we teach our learners to drive. Learn to drive with acclaim driving school and you can be assured that you will be taught not only to pass your driving test in the shortest possible time, but also how to be a safe driver for life.

Our driving instructors in Antrim and Ballymena will structure your driving lessons to your needs and ability and acclaim's driving instructors will try to ensure that after all of your driving lessons not only will you have learnt a great deal, but that you have had fun doing so!

Our Ford Fiesta cars also have very low co2 emissions and your acclaim driving instructor will teach you to drive the eco friendly way.This also means that once you have passed your driving test you will use less fuel and have lower running costs when you have your own car.

Learning to drive is a lifelong skill and not just about passing the driving test. That’s why all of our Antrim and Ballymena driving instructors are trained to the highest standards. As well as providing excellent quality our driving lessons have very competitive prices too, and one of the most modern development plans in the industry.

acclaim driving instructors offer either regular weekly driving lessons, if possible taking more than one lesson a week, or taking a 2 hour lessons, or if you want to pass your driving test quickly, why not book an intensive driving course? Intensive driving courses can be tailored to suit each pupils needs and can be as short as 1 week or anything up to around 6 weeks. Just let us know what you want.

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Eileen Cummings, Area Director

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