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Acclaim Car

Great choice of local Crawley, Horsham & Horley Area driving instructors

Acclaim Driving School in Crawley, Horley & Horsham, have a great team of driving instructors in the area. Starting with the basics, your Acclaim driving instructor will soon put you at ease on your first driving lesson and we’ll soon have you ready for your driving test.

Acclaim's driving instructors will structure your driving lessons to make them fun whilst you're learning, and we offer very competitive lesson prices as well. With some great Special Deals too!

You can book regular weekly driving lessons, or if you want to pass your driving test quickly, why not book an Intensive Driving Course.

If you want to pass your driving test quickly then an Intensive Driving Course is for you. With our Intensive Driving Courses you could pass your driving test in 5-10 Days.

If you have recently failed a driving test then take our 3 Day Intensive Driving Course, this can even be taken over the weekend with your driving test on the third day.
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The sooner you contact us the sooner we can get you to pass your driving test.

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