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Gordon Blackwell Manual Driving Instructor

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Gordon Blackwell

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  • Car type: Ford Fiesta

    Gordon is a musician in his spare time and music is his passion. He plays guitar and sings in a local band, you might even have seen him play... His band was chosen to perform in the Blockbuster British movie 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and you can see them playing at the first wedding in the film.

    About Me

    • Talking of films; I love the movies and watch them a lot. Luckily my wife loves them too, so we are a regular visitor to our nearest Vue cinema in Watford.
    • In my youth I was a pretty good footballer and won many trophies playing for local teams in Hemel Hempstead. But now my love of football is limited to watching The Mighty Spurs whenever they're on TV! Hope that hasn't put off any Gooners out there...!! I've taught several and we've always managed to get along LOL!
    • I'm also an avid skier with a love for the French Alps. Haven't been for a couple of years because of other commitments... maybe next year!
    • I love to travel and have visited many countries throughout the world. New York and Paris are my favourite cities but currently looking forward to visiting Rome later this year. Egypt is absolutely fascinating.
    • Well that's enough about me for now. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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    Gordon Blackwell is an Acclaim driving instructor and is part of our Continuous Professional Development Programme.

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    *Terms and Conditions apply. ** Includes 1 attempt at Theory and Practical Test. 7 Day, 5 Day and 3 Day Intensive Course include 1.5 hour Driving Assessment prior to course. Intensive Course prices are for Manual Transmission. Click here for Automatic Transmission Pricing.

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