Behind the wheel

Behind the wheel

Behind the wheel for the first time? Excited, concerned, nervous? We are with you all the way.

Behind the wheel

From your first driving lesson, our driving instructors will prepare you to pass your driving test as quickly as possible!

The very first driving lesson will be a different experience for every learner. Some will be excited; some will be concerned and others may even be nervous. Don't worry your Acclaim driving instructor will soon put you at ease and they will endeavour to make each driving lesson fun, whilst preparing you to pass your driving test as quickly as possible!

At Acclaim driving school we will provide you with quality driver training from the start. You will have your own personal development plan ‘On the move’ and our driving instructors will map the appropriate driving course for you. We’ll be with you all the way. Have you passed your Theory Test if not check out Our Driving Webshop for the books and DVD that you will need to pass your Theory Test.

Your first driving lesson will start with a check of your provisional driving licence and a quick eyesight test, as simple as reading a number plate!

Your driving instructor will drive you to a safe location, suitable for covering the basics of the car and your first experience at moving off and stopping.

When you have arrived, the driving instructor will explain everything from setting yourself up in the vehicle – your cockpit drill – and will talk you through all of the controls of the vehicle. You will get practical demonstrations and have a chance to ask any questions.

When you are both happy your driving instructor will guide you through moving off and stopping. And, for peace of mind your driving instructor has dual controls and will be able to take over the vehicle at any time should the need arise.

All of our driving instructors have their own webpage put in your postcode in our Instructor Finder and you can browse through all the Acclaim Driving Instructors that operate in your area! Check out our prices too and Special Offers for our Introductory Driving Lessons.

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