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Pupil Reviews! - Get Inspiration From Some of Our Past Pupils!

Get Inspiration from the Reviews from Our Pupils

Inspiration 1: Bournemouth

“Trevor was so relaxed and he made me feel comfortable in any situation. His comprehensive explanations really helped me develop my confidence and progress quickly. I feel lucky to have had him as my instructor and I recommended him to my best friend"

Pupil: Edita

Instructor: Trevor Hartley, Bournemouth.

 Inspiration 2: South East Leicester

"The DSA are continually re-assessing the 'L' test and making it harder, and the best way to deal with this is to have lesson on a regular basis, and not to keep lapsing. I did stick with regular lessons with Paul, and he stuck with me and showed me the driving skills that the DSA would be looking for on the test. In doing so, he taught me to drive safely and competently, and as a result I passed first time."

Pupil: Jo K.

Instructor: Paul Hopkins, South East Leicester

Inspiration 3: North Belfast

“I was a previous pupil of Steven's and in the beginning I was quite nervous. Steven took this into consideration and made me feel relaxed with no pressure by taking me through different aspects at my pace and praising me on improvement. During lesson's Steven always made the atmosphere relaxed and fun, which I feel made me feel less nervous and enjoy the experience. Steven was a pleasure to learn with and have recommended him on numerous occasions.”

Pupil: Ross M

Instructor: Steve Rogan, North Belfast

Inspiration 4: Birmingham

“I'I think Anna is a lovely person to have as an instructor - she's easy to understand and makes you feel at ease when you are in the car. I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking of taking lessons"

Pupil: Marie

Instructor: Anna Skidmore, Birmingham

Inspiration 5: Bournemouth

"Duncan was excellent, really calm and explained what I needed to do simply so I really understood what I needed to. Duncan was encouraging and made me feel very relaxed. I had used another instructor previously and did not feel confident. When I did my test I was confident and passed with only 2 driver faults.  I would recommend Duncan, without a doubt, to anyone. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor - thanks Duncan. "

Instructor: Duncan Anderson Bournemouth

Inspiration 6: East London

Sabina Khanum is an exceptional driving instructor. When I first began to drive I faced quite a few instructors who were extremely overbearing and had an appalling tact to teach driving, however finding an excellent confident and talented driving instructor like Sabina was a blessing. She is very supportive and I totally enjoy being taught by her.

Pupil: Zahira.

Instructor: Sabina Khanum East London

Inspiration 7: Worcestershire

"Thank you Paul, you’ve been a great instructor, I couldn’t have done it without all of your help and guidance."

Pupil:  Emily

Instructor: Paul Longmore Worcestershire

Inspiration 8: West Midlands

'I think Giles is an excellent instructor.  He is calm, precise, and generous with his time. I have gained a lot from Giles's driving lessons and I would not hesitate in recommending him.

Pupil:  Robert

Instructor: Giles Kibblewhite  Worcester & Kiddeerminster.

Inspiration 9: Leicester

 "For me driving was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever taken on, but from the moment of stepping into Phil's car I was put straight at ease. He greeted me every week with a friendly hello and a huge grin on his face. During lessons any mistakes I made, and believe there were many; Phil would always support me with words of encouragement. Phil wasn't just my driving instructor, he was my friend. I have recommended him several times and will continue to do so."

Instructor: Phil Butterworth Leicester

Get Inspiration 10: South Leicestershire

From the very first lesson Trevor was very easy to get along with and made me feel confident whilst driving. I felt very safe with Trevor as my instructor and he would always explain something in different ways if I didn't understand it the first time. I recently passed my test and I believe that without the confidence which Trevor helped me gain and without the clear instructions Trevor gave me I wouldn't have been able to pass first time."

Pupil:  Hannah

Instructor: Trevor Owen South Leicestershire

Inspiration 11: Leicester

"Driving with Rich was always something to look forward to. He made me feel relaxed and really was a great instructor. I always felt at ease and knew that if I made mistakes Rich would keep me calm and help me through it. He has a really laid back style of teaching and never gets cross. He always listened to what I wanted to do on my lessons, which meant I was in control of what I was learning, and this helped my confidence on the road to grow in no time as I was able to go over the things that I felt unsure of. I passed my test first time with Rich. I would recommend Rich to everyone, whether they are a new driver or having refresher lessons as he is a fantastic teacher and friend."

Pupil: Sophie W.

Instructor: Richard Willcocks Leicester

Inspiration 12: Belfast

"I would like to express a massive thanks to Colin Fullerton for teaching me how to drive.  After 2 previous failed attempts with different driving instructors I decided to give it one last go. I was extremely nervous on my first lesson but Colin put me totally at ease. He recognised that I was anxious about driving and devised a training plan which worked well for me. He showed amazing patience which was a blessing as I can't tell my left from my right and got very frustrated.  He never let me give up and his encouragement gave me the confidence to believe I can drive. On November 12th 2010 my dream became reality when I passed my test.  It was an amazing feeling that I will never forget. I believe that I could never have achieved this without Colin's help.  He is an excellent instructor with amazing patience."

Instructor: Colin Fullerton  Belfast

Inspiration 13: Dorchester & Weymouth

“We found Graeme to be a fabulous teacher, he is so calm, patient and relaxed and made us feel really comfortable in any new situation. We both passed 1st time with Graeme, and would recommend him as one of the best.”

Pupils:  David & Katie

Instructor: Graeme Taylor Dorchester & Weymouth

Inspiration 14: Bournemouth

" I was absolutely terrified of my driving lessons until I actually started doing them and that was because my instructor, Jim Lancaster, is very, very good at what he does. He's extremely patient, very supportive, nice and friendly and he doesn't get mad /angry when you make a mistake.     All very good traits for a Driving Instructor to have.    I would definitely recommend him to other learners.  Catherine "Jim is an excellent instructor. Honest, helpful and uses the time efficiently. After having lessons with him I passed my test first time. I then got him to teach my son, who has now passed his test. I highly recommend him and will be getting him to teach my daughter soon. Thanks Jim. "Met Jim on Wednesday and passed on the following Monday! ... I found Jim's style and manner very helpful - he explains rather than dictates. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone."

Pupil:  John

Instructor: Jim Lancaster Bournemouth

Inspiration 15: Essex

“Alistair was excellent. He was very flexible which helped me with school and lessons. After passing first time I have recommended him to several friends”

Pupil:  Alex H.

Instructor: Alistair Newton  Romford & Essex

Inspiration 16: East London

"I am writing to thank you for your driving lessons that helped me to pass the United Kingdom driving test. Since I had never driven before and started from the beginning, I was initially very nervous. Prem's training was always to the point and the best thing about him was that he was patient all of the time. Prem explained points carefully and logically. It was always a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which helped me to gain confidence in my driving after every lesson. I am really impressed about the vast knowledge that Prem has about different aspects of driving skills. He explained driving techniques and the mechanical operation of the automobile too. Prem showed me how to react under various driving conditions. Even after passing the driving test he helped me initially when I started to drive on my own for the first time on UK roads. I really appreciate everything Prem did and now continue the relationship as a friend. I would highly recommend Prem as a Driving Instructor to anybody looking to learrn to drive."

Pupil: Suman B.

Instructor: Prem Parameswaran East London & Essex

Inspiration 17: North London

"I cannot thank Dharmesh enough for what he did for me during my test. He was always on time and kept me focused. I only met him 3 weeks before my test and I passed on my 1st attempt. I would definitely recommend him"

Pupil:  Adedoyin A.

Instructor: Dharmesh Panchal  North London

Inspiration 18: North London & St Albans Areas

“I never thought I could pass my driving test first time, until Miles became my driving instructor. After my first few lessons with Miles, I knew failure was not an option! Miles took his time to ensure my driving skills were up to standard before I took the test. I would definitely recommend Miles to anyone looking for quality driving lessons.”

Pupil:  Lanre Kesiro

Instructor: Miles Harrison North London, Hemel Hempstead & St. Albans

Inspiration 19: North London

“Jason Reed is a brilliant driving instructor! Is really patient and friendly! If you want to pass your theory and practical test quickly then I recommend you book a block of lessons! Thank you ” 

Pupil:  Lauren Robson

Instructor: Jason Reed  St. Albans, Watford & Harpendon

Inspriation 20: Crawley & East Sussex

"I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Zuki, he was very calm and patient and made sure I understood all about driving safely. I have recommended my friends to him as I know he will be friendly yet professional at all times." 

Pupil:  Zoe H.

Instructor: Zuki Shafiq Crawley & Horsham

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