Driving In Fog

When it's foggy driving conditions can be unpredictable your visibility can be reasonably clear one minute and then you can immediately hit a dense patch of fog. Check out our tips for Driving In Fog.....

Driving In Fog

By The Acclaim Team on 11th October 2016 in News

 Driving In Fog

If you are faced with foggy conditions it is best practise to avoid driving at all or drive as little as possible. However that’s not always possible so you need a little preparation before you set out into one of the most dangerous driving conditions.  These tips should help to keep you as safe as possible.


  • Ensure all the lights on your vehicle are in working order and are clean (don't forget to check fog light(s) too!
  • Check that all of your vehicle windows are clean both inside and out, in order to ensure good visibility Your visibility can be further reduced by glare when windows are not clean.
  • Check that you have enough fluid in your window washer reservoir and fill up if necessary. The use of windscreen wipers will be frequent in foggy conditions, because  whilst driving in fog your vehicle will be receiving dirt and spray from other vehicles.
  • Check that your tyres have the correct pressure, because driving in fog may require you to break heavily and if your tyres are either under inflated, or over inflated, your tyres grip and vehicle stopping distances can be significantly affected - especially if conditions are icy as well.
  • You also need to check out your fog lights to ensure you know how to turn them on and off don't wait until you need them.

 Driving in Fog on Motorways and Dual Carriageways

It can be tempting to increase your speed on motorways and dual carriageways as they are often wide and relatively straight, however in foggy conditions you still need to be cautious on these roads as you could suddenly enter a  dense fog banks and there could already be traffic inside traveling at a reduced speed, or even traffic at a standstill.

Dealing With Road Junctions

In foggy conditions be very cautious when pulling out at road junctions it sometimes can be difficult to see oncoming traffic in these conditions.

Using Your Headlights

Use dipped headlights only.Fog lights attempt to illuminate the road underneath the fog, but main beam headlights direct bright light into the fog itself, this then reflects the light back to the driver and further reducing your visibility.


Using Your Fog Lights

Use your fog lights when your visibility in fog is down to around 100 metres,. Remember the using your fog lights might improve your visibility of the road ahead, but more importantly it will help other motorists to see you.



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