Learn to Drive Quickly with an  Intensive Course in as little as 3 Days!

Learn to Drive Quickly with an Intensive Course in as little as 3 Days!

Intensive Driving Courses Available; 10 Day Complete, Week to Pass, Working Week, Weekender, or Our Flexible Course-You Choose

 Acclaim Intensive Driving Courses Manual

 Do You Want To Pass Your Driving Test First Time?  

Did You Know You Can Have Your Driving Licence In Just 3 Days!

Do you need to pass your driving test quickly? We have designed a range of driving courses to help you pass in as little as 3 Days! Manual Courses are available in all areas that we operate in, automatic courses are available in certain areas only, call for details.

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             10 Day "Complete" Driving Course

This Course is aimed at the complete novice learner driver. This course will take you from the start of learning to drive to taking, and Passing Your Driving Test in as little as 10 Days!

This course includes 40 hours of on the road driving, covering the entire DVSA/DVA syllabus on learning to drive and includes your driving lessons on the day of your Driving Test. Plus you can download the Theory Test App onto your phone or tablet.

This course includes your first attempt at your Theory and Practical Driving Tests, plus a FREE retest, should you be unlucky enough to fail either your Theory or Practical Driving Tests first time.

                           Course Fee £1,000             Buy in Our Shop Now! 

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 Automatic Course Price

             7 Day "Week to Pass" Driving Course

This course is designed for learner drivers who have driven a little before, it will enable you to brush up on your skills in order to pass your Driving Test in as little as 7 Days!.

You will do 4 hours of driving each day for 6 days and 3 hours on test day; 27 hours in total. This course also includes a Theory and Practical Driving Test, Plus you can download the Theory Test App onto your phone or tablet, and should you be unlucky enough to fail the first time a FREE retest for either your Theory or Practical Driving Tests!

                                                        Course Fee  £795

Including Assessment Lesson  

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         5 Day "Working Week" Driving Course

                        Take a week off work and Pass Your Driving Test!

This course is suitable for someone who has some driving experience and who has probably passed their Theory Test already. You will complete the course over 5 days; 3.5 hours of driving for the first 4 days and then a further 3 hours on the day of your test, a total of 17 hours driving.

This course includes one Practical Driving Test fee.

 Course Fee  £475 

 Including Assessment Lesson

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           3 Day "Weekender" Driving Course

Maybe you've recently failed a Driving Test, or just need some final polish on your driving?  Don't worry we'll sort your driving  out over a weekend!

You will do 3 hours of driving each day over the weekend, plus a further 3 hours on the day of your driving test the following week.

This course fee includes one Practical Driving Test fee  Course Fee  £295

Including Assessment Lesson

Automatic Course Fee


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  Flexible Course

Our Flexible Driving Intensive Driving Course is structured so that you will be ready to take your driving test in anything from 2 – 8 weeks.  If this is the route that you want to take to pass your driving test  then you need a 1.5 hour assessment lesson for only £30.  The assessment lesson will allow your Acclaim Driving Instructor to assess your current driving ability and assess how many hours you need to be ready for your driving test. We will then book your driving test and plan your course over your chosen time frame, in line with your requirements, and availability. 

If you have not yet passed your Theory Test then don't worry book your assessment lesson now and your instructor will help you to prepare for the Theory Test! 

Theory and Driving Test fees are not included in the price of the Flexible Course and this does not include a guaranteed re-test.

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When you take any of our  Intensive Driving Courses you will find that having your lessons closer together and for longer periods mean that you will progress with your driving quicker than if you had only one, or two lessons per week, you should also find that you take fewer lessons overall, making the Intensive Driving Course the most economical way to learn to drive.

 Don’t wait start planning and book the Intensive Driving Course of your choice now, or contact our friendly office team who will help you to choose which course is best for you. Fill in your contact details by clicking here or call now 0800 180 4240 and you could have your driving licence in as little as 10 days too!

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Acclaim Driving School can offer Intensive Driving Courses in Leicester, Leicestershire, Coventry and Warwickshire, Birmingham, Tamworth, Kidderminster, Worcester, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Northampton, Northamptonshire, St Albans, Enfield, Ilford, Essex, Romford, Hornchurch, North London, East London, Surrey, Crawley, Richmond Upon Thames, Surbiton, Twickenham, Dorset, Dorcheter, Bournemouth, Belfast, Antrim, Ballymena, Larne, Portadown, Armagh, Newry, Bangor, Newtownards, Carrickfergus, Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough, Burton Upon Trent, Market Harborough, Cardiff, Newport, South Wales and most surround areas.