Your Practical Driving Test

As you gear up for your practical driving test, you might find yourself with questions about the road ahead. At Acclaim Driving, we understand the importance of feeling prepared and supported throughout this journey. We'll walk you through everything you need to know about the practical driving test in the UK, from its duration and cost to what happens on the day.


Book your Practical Driving Test

To book your practical driving test, you can visit the official government website or call the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) booking line. You'll need your provisional driving licence number and a valid payment method to complete the booking.

If you learn with Acclaim, booking is as simple as giving us a call. We have access to the available tests along with your instructor's availability so that we can book accordingly. 


What to Expect on the Day

On the day of your practical driving test, you'll meet your examiner at the designated test centre. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time to complete any necessary paperwork and familiarise yourself with the testing environment.



Bring your provisional driving licence, as well as any glasses or contact lenses if you need them for driving. You should also bring your theory test pass certificate and confirmation of your practical driving test booking. You won’t be able to take your driving test without these documents!


Before the test begins, the examiner will conduct an eyesight check to ensure you can read a number plate from a distance of 20.5m. They'll then ask you a series of "show me, tell me" questions related to vehicle safety and maintenance.

Once you're ready to start, the examiner will ask you to demonstrate your driving skills by following a set route that includes various road conditions, such as junctions, roundabouts, and different types of roads. Throughout the test, the examiner will assess your ability to drive safely and independently.


What happens after the driving test?

At the end of the test, the examiner will provide you with feedback on your performance and inform you whether you've passed or failed.

If you've passed, congratulations! You'll receive your pass certificate, and you can start enjoying the freedom of driving on your own.

If you're unsuccessful, don't be discouraged! Your examiner will provide you with feedback to help you improve, and you can book another test whenever you're ready.*

*you'll need to wait at least 10 working days before retaking your practical after receiving a fail. It’s recommended you take more lessons during this time.


Preparing for the Test

To increase your chances of passing the practical driving test, we recommend practicing regularly with a qualified instructor. At Acclaim Driving, our experienced instructors will tailor lessons to your individual needs, helping you build confidence and develop the skills required to become a safe and competent driver.

In addition to practical lessons, it's essential to study the Highway Code and familiarise yourself with the rules of the road. Practice mock tests to simulate the test environment and identify any areas where you may need improvement.

Remember, passing the practical driving test is a significant achievement, but safety should always be your top priority. Drive responsibly, follow the rules of the road, and continue to develop your skills as a driver.

If you have any questions or would like to book driving lessons with us, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to support you on your journey to becoming a fully qualified driver.