What is an Intensive Course?

Do you need to get your driving licence quickly? Are you in a hurry to experience the open road, why not try an acclaim intensive course?

We have designed a range of driving courses to help you pass your test in as little as 5 days.

Our courses are tailored to your individual needs, whether you are starting from scratch or you need to brush up on your skills following a previously failed test, we have the course for you.

Is a course right for me?

Our Intensive courses (sometimes known as Crash Courses!) are great value for money, the learning is concentrated into a short space of time and have a fantastic first time pass rate.

You can fit the course into holidays or around your work commitments. If you have a deadline for acquiring your driving licence then we will be able to help you.

Our booking process is quick and simple!

How many Driving Lessons should I take a week?

Depending on how soon you’d like to take your driving test, we recommend having around three lessons a week if you do decide to take an intensive driving course. Continuity is important and the more frequent your driving lessons are, the more likely you are to pass your test.

For standard lessons, we do recommend between two to four hours of lessons per week, with two-hour lessons scheduled at a time as they are proven to benefit learners more than one-hour lessons. Intensive driving courses require more frequent lessons at your own pace. 

Our intensive packages include:

  • 10-day intensive course: 40 hours on the road (four hours per day with a fifteen-minute break)
  • 7-day intensive course: 27 hours on the road (four hours a day and three hours on test day) 
  • 5-day intensive course: 16 hours on the road (3.5 hours for four days and three hours on test day)
  • 3-day intensive course: 3 hours each day (with the practical test included)

The more often you’re behind the wheel, the better. The hours of lessons you decide to take each week should depend on if you have had any previous experience behind the wheel and how soon you wish to pass your test.

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