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Moving off in a car usually doesn’t take much thought, however, it can make the difference of passing or failing your driving test, so it’s important that you move off correctly and safely.

Whether you’re coming up to a set of traffic lights or are looking to safely pull over, you should first plan where to stop to prepare well in advance. When planning to stop, you should stay aware of what’s happening around you in order to stop safely.

Whether you’re pulling away after being parked or are about to pull away in traffic, a hill start can be nerve wracking for any new driver. To begin, you should always start with your handbrake up to avoid your car from rolling backwards.

Getting to grips with clutch control is one of the most difficult parts of learning to drive a manual car. Using your clutch correctly will prevent mechanical problems and can also prevent you from stalling the vehicle, which can, in some situations, leave you vulnerable if you stall with cars behind you or at a roundabout with vehicles oncoming.