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How to change a flat tyre

If you need to change a flat tyre, you first need to stop in a safe place on a flat surface away from other traffic, before applying the handbrake. After you have parked up, switch your hazard lights on to alert other drivers that your vehicle is stationary.

Position the wheel chocks behind the other wheels to prevent the car from rolling while jacked up. If wheel chocks aren’t available, then you may wish to use bricks instead.

Loosen the wheel nuts by turning the wheel wrench anti-clockwise until they can be easily turned by hand - although, do not remove them fully. Jack the car up until the flat tyre is at least 10cm above the ground. 

Once the car is safely jacked above the ground, fully loosen and remove the wheel nuts, then gently remove the flat tyre away from the car. Slide the spare wheel onto the protruding wheel nut slots, before tightening the bolts back up to secure the wheel in place.

Drop the car down slowly until the spare tyre is flat on the ground. Tighten the nuts fully using a wrench, before fully lowering the car to the ground. Check the tyre pressure of the new tyre and make sure the bolts are on tightly before driving away. Spare tyres should only be used temporarily, so you will need to take the flat tyre to a garage to see if they would be able to repair or replace it.