Aimed at the complete novice. This 10-day course will take you from start to finish with your test at the end

This package is suitable for those with little or no driving experience and includes 40 hours of on the road driving. We also include a free three-month subscription to 'Driving Test Success'; an online learning resource that will help you prepare for, and pass your theory test.

When you purchase your intensive course we will book your theory test for you and you will then receive confirmation of the dates and information on how to download your training resources.

On the day of your theory test, we will call you to see how you got on. Hopefully, you have passed and we can book your driving test* and the 9 days prior for your intensive driving course. If, unfortunately, you don't pass your theory or practical test we will pay to book another one for you*

Some of the Practical Driving Test Tips our instructors take you through are:

Prepare for show me,  tell me: Before your test, make sure you brush up on your knowledge in preparation for the “show me, tell me” questions which will be asked during your test. For this reason, you’ll want to practice understanding where different components under the bonnet are and how the internal controls work.
Know your manoeuvres: During your test, the examiner will ask you to perform one of three manoeuvres which will be chosen by the examiner. This could include bay parking, parallel parking or pulling up on the right-hand side of the road followed by rejoining the traffic. Practice these manoeuvres before your test and make sure you feel confident with each one.
Practice using a sat-nav: 80% of learners will be required to independently use a sat-nav during their driving test to drive to an agreed location, whereas 20% will follow road signs instead. Make sure you feel comfortable driving the test routes and have experience driving with a sat-nav.
Remain calm: Many learners will make minor mistakes in their driving test and will assume they have failed. Providing your actions do not affect and put other drivers at risk, you shouldn’t worry. If you do make a mistake,, forget about it for now, think about what's next and concentrate on your driving.
Don’t be distracted: The examiner will be grading you throughout your test and will occasionally need to write things. Your examiner may not be writing negative things, so you must focus on your driving. Don’t get distracted by what the examiner is writing as this can distract you from the road. 
Have an early night: On the night before your test, you’re likely to be having pre-test nerves which is completely normal. Try to have an early night in order to be able to function at your best. If you struggle to sleep with worry, your concentration levels can put you at a serious disadvantage.

The 10 day course consists of:

  • 3-month subscription to 'Driving Test Success' - online theory training
  • 40 hours on road driving which is 4 hours per day with a fifteen-minute break.
  • An 'On the Move' record of progress.
  • This course includes your Theory and Practical Test with a guaranteed re-test.***


*Dates subject to DVSA / Instructor availability.

**Maximum of one additional attempt at each of the Theory and the Practical test.

***The guaranteed re-test does not cover the cost of any remedial driving lessons following an unsuccessful result nor the £90 car hire on the day of any subsequent tests. It solely covers the cost to the DVSA of re-booking the driving test.

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