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Driving Test

If for any reason your circumstances alter, you can change your driving test to a different date or time.  As long as you change your booking within three clear working days of your original test date.

It is unusual for a driving test to be cancelled due to rain or fog. For a driving test to be cancelled due to these conditions, rain or fog will need to be heavy. Road tests are subject to cancellation due to extreme weather ( heavy rain, freezing conditions, snow, etc.).

Your driving test can be cancelled or stopped because of bad weather, problems with your car, and for other reasons. Driving tests are not carried out in dangerous weather conditions, such as when the roads are icy or if there’s flooding, thick fog or high winds. Call the Test Centre if there are any of these conditions on the day of your test.

If the roads have been salted and are reasonably clear, then the test will likely go ahead. If there is snow covering quieter residential streets, or country roads, the test may be cancelled. The driving examiner also checks the roads due to frost.

You can apply for your driving test online, by phone, by post or in person at any Driving Test Centre.

Knowing when to take your test can be difficult. There are some learners that think they are ready immediately and others who don’t have the confidence to take the leap from learner to full licence holder. We recommend that you seek guidance from your driving instructor who will be able to judge your ability and suggest when you could be ready to take your test.

You are entitled to change your driving test. You must give three clear working days to change your test date. This does not include the day you change your test or the date of your test. Your appointment letter will tell you the day you must to this by.

Yes you can fail your driving test on a manoeuvre if you do something wrong, for example poor observations, speed, being in the wrong position or mounting the kerb. 

Examiners don’t want to fail candidates unless they have to, so it is unusual to appeal against the result of your driving test. However, if you do feel that the examiner didn’t follow the regulations while carrying out your test, you can appeal the result.

When it comes to taking your driving test, the examiner is not looking for a professional level of skill, they are expecting you to make mistakes. You need to demonstrate a good level of control, awareness and forward planning.