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If you ever find yourself at the dead end of a road and need to turn around, you will need to turn in the road in order to safely turn around.

Parallel parking allows you to park a car in a small space that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to drive straight into. 

Choose your bay and aim to position yourself in the centre of the road to give yourself enough space to manoeuvre, with approximately two car lengths past the bay, which is typically the third line from the bay. 

Your examiner will ask you to pull up on the right-hand side of the road when it is safe to do so, before reversing back for two car lengths and then safely getting back onto the road.

The UK driving test manoeuvres includes pulling up on the right, forward bay parking, reverse bay parking, parallel parking and the emergency stop.

Yes, you can fail your driving test on manoeuvres, for example, if you are unable to carry them out or carry them out in a way that causes a danger to other road users.

All manoeuvres chosen by your examiner are picked at random, therefore it’s best to be prepared for all manoeuvres.

Pull up about 2 bays behind the space. Check your mirrors, indicate left. Fully turn your steering wheel left, then move forward into the parking space.