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How do I parallel park?

Parallel parking allows you to park a car in a small space that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to drive straight into. 
To begin, pull alongside the car and position yourself into place so that your driver or passenger side window is lined up with the front of the vehicle next to you (or with its rear bumper if the car is facing the opposite direction).

Check your mirrors and blindspots and keep an eye on the rear view mirror. Fully lock the steering wheel into position and slowly reverse as you approach the parallel parking space. Line up your rear tyres with the rear bumper of the other car in front of your space (or the front bumper if the car is facing the opposite direction).
Stop the car and check your mirrors and blindspots. Turn the steering wheel one complete turn back while keeping the reversing nice and steady. Once you see the kerb in your wing mirror and the car in front is clear, turn the steering wheel for another complete turn. Continue steering the wheel and reverse until you are parallel with the kerb.

Ensure that the car is in position with enough space either side for the other vehicles to be able to safely drive away. Continue straightening up if necessary and then pull up your handbrake to secure the car.