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Intensive Courses

Intensive driving courses are designed to help you pass your driving test and obtain your UK driver’s licence in the shortest amount of time as possible.

An intensive driving course isn’t for everyone, but if you want to pass within a couple of weeks and spend less money, they can be ideal.

Intensive driving courses can vary in price depending on how many hours you require to pass your test.

Yes, you can. With the right course and with plenty of time behind the wheel, it is possible to learn to drive in three months.

This can depend on how much experience you have, but a complete beginner can take our 10-day intensive driving course and easily pass in that time.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will pass after taking an intensive crash course. However, these sorts of courses have a better success rate than if you take driving lessons that are spread out.

The more practice you have behind the wheel, the quicker you will learn how to drive. So, if you can, taking 2-hour driving lessons, or even longer, will be very beneficial for you.

This depends on how quickly you want to drive, your budget and how much time you can spend learning to drive.

Yes, on average it takes people about 40 hours of professional lessons to learn how to drive.

Yes, you can. There are specific intensive crash courses that are made so people can learn how to drive as quickly as possible.

For a complete beginner, it usually takes about 40 hours of professional lessons to pass a driving test. This does vary from person to person though and you can usually do it quicker if you have previous driving experience.

At the end of an intensive driving course you will have your driving test and if you fail it, you will have to book another test in the future