Maybe you've recently failed your driving test. We'll sort it out for you.

If you’ve recently failed a driving test, we advise you to book a driving lesson with your instructor within a few days of your failed test. Your driving instructor will take time to help you practice maneuvres and routes which you may have struggled with in your test.

With over 50% of drivers failing their driving test first time, you should understand that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t pass your driving test. As frustrating as it may be, driving test failure often comes down to nerves on the day.

If you decide to leave your next driving lesson any longer, you may find yourself struggling to get get back into the rhythm and your anxiety and nerves may build up and worsen, making it more difficult for you to get behind the wheel.

Try not to delay rebooking your driving test retake as you will need to book the test a minimum of 10 days in advance. Be sure to book several driving lessons with your instructor leading up to the retake to give plenty of time for practice.

Don’t forget that you can have your driving instructor in the vehicle with you during your test as well as your examiner, so choose whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Also, remember that your driving instructor would only recommend you to book your driving test when they feel you are ready to take it.

This course is primarily aimed at those who have recently failed a driving test and need a remedial 'brush up'.

When you purchase your course you will need to confirm that you have failed a driving test in the last 3 months. We will secure a date for your driving test* and book in your course for the days prior to the test.

You will receive confirmation of the course by email

  • 1.5-hour pre-course assessment included.
  • Aimed at specific areas of weakness to help you pass.
  • 'On the Move' record of progress included
  • You get 3 hours each day over 3 days with practical test included.**


If you are in Northern Ireland please click here for our course details and prices!