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How do I turn in the road?

If you ever find yourself at the dead end of a road and need to turn around, you will need to turn in the road in order to safely turn around. The purpose of a turn in the road is to rotate the car to face the opposite direction, by using the forward and reverse gears. The key to this manoeuvre is fast steering, slow speed and good clutch control.

To begin, you should find a location that is quiet and gives you as much room as possible to manoeuvre, making sure that you are distanced from parked vehicles and any pedestrians.

Keep to the left side of the road and when safe, steer the car right until the vehicle is at 90 degrees on the road. Check your mirrors and blind spots before reversing back until your car is as close as possible to the kerb behind you. Again, check your surroundings are safe and clear, then turn the steering wheel right until it is at full lock, before driving forward in first gear to safely face the opposite direction.

With a turn in the road, observations are critical in carrying out this manoeuvre safely and check around you at every moment. While the manoeuvre typically only needs four movements, you should always take your time and do not panic if you require more movements to turn around.