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Can you appeal Driving Test Failure?

Examiners don’t want to fail candidates unless they have to, so it is unusual to appeal against the result of your driving test. However, if you do feel that the examiner didn’t follow the regulations while carrying out your test, you can appeal the result.
Appealing your driving test result will not overturn the decision made by the examiner, while the result of your practical test cannot be overturned, a successful appeal may result in you getting a free retest.
If you want to complain about your practical test, you can contact DVSA / DVA by email, phone or post. You’ll usually get a reply within ten working days, if your successful you could get a free retest, you will have to appeal to a:
Magistrates court within 6 months if you took your test in England or Wales.
Sheriffs court within 21 days, if you took your test in Scotland.