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Are driving lessons hard?

Learning to drive is a lot easier than it seems. It may look intimidating from the passenger’s seat, but once you’re behind the wheel and learn all the controls of the vehicle, what they are called, where they are and how to use them, the learning process becomes very intuitive.

Learn to take things slow in the beginning and progress at your pace and you’ll be well on your way to mastering the basics.

It is important to find the right instructor. You need to feel comfortable with whoever is teaching you. Furthermore, you should wear appropriate clothing as you will need to be able to reach and use all the hand and foot controls comfortably. Listen to your driving instructor and do not be afraid to ask questions. Remember we learn from our mistakes. Throughout your course of lessons, your training will be structured to meet your individual needs.

Most people are nervous before their first driving lesson, but there is no need to be. Just remember to pay attention to the road and especially to what your instructor is saying.