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Are driving lessons worth it?

It’s worth learning to drive, even if you never intend to own a car. You might need to drive in an emergency and it can help you to be more independent.

Many people find that learning to drive makes them much more responsible. You must learn to be in control and to obey the rules of the road. You must show your car, and other drivers, respect and consideration. For many young people, this gives them a completely new way of thinking and changes their outlook.

Learning to drive is a milestone in today’s day and age it’s a mark of maturity and independence. It usually opens up the wide world to you, no longer relying on public transport, parents, taxis or foot to get to out of reach places. You can go where you want when you want. Being able to drive a car can be an important factor in getting hired, depending on the job. It’s a desirable attribute to know someone is self-sufficient.

There’s no reason why driving wouldn’t be a massively beneficial and positive improvement to your quality of life.