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Can you drive without lessons?

You are able to drive without taking lessons as long as you’re in receipt of a provisional licence, and are supervised by an accompanying driver. Anyone you practise your driving with ( without paying them ) must be over 21 and have held their full driving licence for 3 years and be qualified to drive the type of car they’re supervising you in.

You can also drive with as many passengers as the vehicle can legally hold. You need your own insurance as a learner driver if you’re practising in a car of your own. Your family or friend will usually be covered by this (check this with your insurance company). If you’re practising in someone else’s car, you need to make sure their insurance policy covers you as a learner driver, L plates must also be displayed on the front and back of the car when you’re driving. Unless you're lucky enough to have a friend who is a Qualified Driving Instructor, it could take longer to reach the required standard necessary to pass your driving test.

An Acclaim Driving Instructor will have been regularly assessed to ensure they are delivering a high standard of tuition. Importantly, they will also avoid teaching you any bad habits that you might pick up from your friends, especially if it’s been some time since they passed their driving test. A driving instructor will also be up to date with all the current road rules and regulations and know what will be expected of you on your driving test.

Driving school cars also come with dual controls, allowing the instructor to quite literally step in if required. Obviously your friend's car will not be fitted out this way, so you’ll need to be extra careful.