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Acclaim Car

Great choice of local Tamworth & Atherstone driving instructors

For driving lessons in Tamworth & Atherstone, Acclaim Driving School is the best driving school for you.

We're a team of passionate driving instructors’ that will train you to be the best new driver out there and put you the path to your freedom.

At every stage of the process; from your first driving lesson through to ensuring you have the final finishing touches before your test, we keep in mind the life long principles of safe and eco driving. acclaim's highly trained driving instructors will structure your lessons to ensure that you are prepared for your driving test in the shortest possible time, as well as making your driving lessons fun!

acclaim's driving instructors will also teach you to drive the eco-friendly way, ensuring not only will you help the planet, but once you have your own car you will save on fuel bills and repair costs too!

With acclaim you have the knowledge that our instructors are continuously reviewed and trained so that they are with you all the way.they will listen to your needs, and will tailor your driving course to your own abilities. If you want one or two driving lessons each week thats fine, but maybe you want to drive more quickly, say in anything from one to six weeks. Thats no problem too for your acclaim instructor, just tell us what you want!

To help you get started with acclaim we have some special offers that you need to check out, plus you will find tht our prices are very competive too! Check these out now!

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