25 birthday

In August 2010 acclaim celebrated its 25 birthday. Here is our story.

25 birthday

By acclaim driving team on 15th August 2010 in News

acclaim started with just one car from a conservatory in Leicestershire.

Back in 1985 Sylvia Yeo started acclaim from the conservatory of her home, from just one car it steadily grew as her reputation for looking after instructors became common knowledge in the local driving instructor community.

Several times a day acclaim cars would be seen stopping at her house as instructors would come in for a much needed cuppa and a chat. Sylvia’s business sense became apparent early on as she ensured that the next door neighbour was training with us!

Sylvia quickly got instructors into great business shape by instilling professionalism and pride into being part of the acclaim family, something we still hold very dear today.

Testament to this is that several of today’s instructors have been with us from nearly the beginning.

10 years later acclaim expanded into Northern Ireland where it is now the largest driving school.  Northern Ireland in 1995 was obviously a much different place than it is today and considered very risky for staring a business, but Sylvia being Sylvia that was not going to stop her. She took the bull by the horns and decided that yes she would take the acclaim name to Belfast. acclaim northern ireland grew from one car to several in virtually no time.

So this year marks a very special time in our history and we very much look forward to welcoming new members of the family over the coming years.

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