acclaim learner charter

Our commitment to you. The launch of acclaims' learner charter.

acclaim learner charter

By acclaim driving team on 7th December 2010 in News

acclaim learner charter - Our commitment to you!

Your instructor will:

  1. Have the necessary qualifications to provide quality driving instruction.
  2. Recommend an appropriate course of lessons and advise you on the best timing of your theory and practical tests.
  3. Give regular and appropriate feedback during all of your driving lessons and record progress in your ‘On the Move’ book.
  4. Monitor your progress and advise if they think it necessary to reschedule either your theory or practical test.
  5. Provide tuition on a one-to-one basis.
  6. Honour the full duration of the lesson, which will include an introduction, practical training and de-briefing.
  7. Conduct themselves at all times in a professional, courteous and legal manner.
  8. Avoid any physical contact, other than in an emergency.
  9. Provide a modern, properly maintained and dual controlled acclaim branded vehicle at all times.
  10. Always endeavour to arrive on time for your driving lesson and keep you informed of any unforeseen delays.
  11. Endeavour to give you two business days notice (including Saturday) if they need to re-schedule any of your driving lessons.
  12. Respond professionally to any worries, concerns or complaints and make every effort to resolve them satisfactorily.

Sylvia Yeo, Managing Director

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