Belt Up

Acclaim Driving supports Leicestershire police's new safety initiative.

By acclaim driving team on 21st August 2011 in News

Belt Up

A recent initiative by Leicestershire police, Fatal Four, has seen 64 motorists stopped in the county and offered an immediate road safety course, rather than a £60 fine.

The 4 offences includ not wearing a seat belt and using a mobile phone on the move. The hard-hitting educational course showed drivers the consequences of their actions. In total, 62 were given courses for seat belt offences.

Acclaim’s Director of Training, Richard Barton, said “We fully support this initiative, particularly with regards to the wearing of seatbelts. Many drivers, in particular younger ones, really don’t understand the possible consequences of an accident when not wearing one. There is a very good chance of literally being catapulted through the windscreen as the result of impact. If a car travelling at 40mph stops suddenly – the passenger will continue at that speed”.

Richard added “These sort of initiatives are very constructive and will have a far greater impact than issuing a £60 fine. When you receive a £60 penalty the focus is about the cost. An educational workshop like this focuses attention on the safety of the individual and others using our roads.”

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