Congratualtions Helen!

Helen Strutt of Dorchester - Passed first time following a 5 day 'Working Week' Intensive course.

Congratualtions Helen!

By The acclaim team on 1st October 2012 in News

Massive Congratulations! To Helen Strutt of Dorchester, who passed her driving test 1st time today, with  just seven driver errors.

Helen is a 1st for Acclaim South-West who operates a team of driving instructors in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and also has driving instructors throughout Dorset including Weymouth and Dorchester.


Helen was the 1st customer to book one of our unique acclaim-intensive packages in the South West. She completed her intensive driving course over 5 working days, which was a tall order for her as she had only had previously 10 hours of driving tuition with another driving instructor in Dorchester. She passed her test today on the fifth day of the 5 day –‘Working Week’ course.


 Following a gruelling test route, amidst peak time traffic in Dorchester, DSA examiner Chris Tongs said "That was fantastic awareness and planning, at stages you took opportunities that we usually don't take in a Learner test - Trevor or I would have done, and at one point I couldn't decide if it was sheer luck or moments of genius, but you didn't cause any problems and I really enjoyed it". Well done!


Acclaim driving over a range of intensive driving courses across many areas of the country including London, Leicester, Birmingham and South Wales.

You can find out more about the range of acclaim-intensive courses by clicking here

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Many young people need to pass their driving test quickly; whether it’s for a new job or a need to get to college or university, perhaps the freedom gained when the driving test is passed is the factor that drives people towards taking an intensive driving course.

When choosing any intensive driving or ‘crash’ course it is very important to choose the right driving instructor who can give you the skills and confidence to pass your driving test in a short period of time. A driving instructor who has had some specialist training in delivering driving lesson intensively is a must. Driving is a skill for life and only a driving instructor who has undertaken some specialist continuing professional development will be able to give you the best chance of passing first time.

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