Congratulations You've Just Passed Your Driving Test!

Become a Safe Driver For Life! Take Motorway or Pass Plus Driving Lessons After You've Passed Your Driving Test.

Congratulations You've Just Passed Your Driving Test!

By Acclaim Team on 13th October 2012 in News

Congratulations You've Just Passed Your Driving Test!

You’re on "Cloud 9" you've just passed your driving test. Most new drivers feel that all they need is practice and experience now, but there wrong. All new drivers need to carry on learning process, indeed all drivers need to keep on learning, our roads and cars today are very different from what they were 10 or 20 years ago.

Learning to drive gives you the basics of good car control and safe driving, but gaining experience is all important. The combination of control, safety and experience is essential if you are to remain accident-free on the road ahead.

During your driving lessons you will not have been on a motorway, you may not have driven at night, you may not have driven in poor weather, or only experienced certain driving and traffic conditions.

As a minimum we advise you to have a motorway lesson of between 2 and 3 hours duration after you have passed your driving test. During the motorway sessions your driving instructor will familiarise you with driving at speeds up to 70 mph, overtaking, and joining and leaving motorways. Motorways are nothing like the roads you will have driven on whilst learning you need to have advice and instruction on how to deal with our motorways.

Ideally, we would suggest attending a Pass Plus course, which will also cover driving in and out of town, dealing with poor weather conditions and night driving. This 6 hour course is designed as further development and may also entitle you to an insurance discount.

Whatever course you follow, remember that you have the basic skills but not the experience. Take care, drive safely and we hope that you will become a safe driver for life.

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