Distractions Whilst Driving

Young drivers in particular need to be made aware of the dangers of distractions from mobile phone, tablets, or other devices whilst driving or in control of a vehicle.

Distractions Whilst Driving

By The Acclaim Team on 5th September 2015 in News

There has been extensive research over the years into "Distractions Whilst Driving" and the best way to avoid any distraction causing crashes and incidents  whilst driving is to avoid these distractions and concentrate on your driving!

Some of the unnecessary distractions are; activities such as eating/drinking, texting, telephone calls, and playing loud music whilst driving. If you eliminate these potential distractions and concentrate on the job of driving you will be much safer on the road.

The three main types of distractions are:

  • MANUAL        - Taking your hands off the steering wheel.
  • VISUAL         - Taking your eyes off the road.
  • COGNITIVE   - Concentration, taking your mind off the driving task.

There are many other distractions both inside and outside the vehicle, but the above distractions are the ones that you can easily avoid.

Young drivers in particular find it acceptable to reading, or composing and sending texts in the car when confronted with slow moving traffic, or some drivers move to the side of the road with the engine still running to do this. They risk a fixed penalty fine and points on their licence but they could cause an accident too!

The only time it is acceptable to read, or compose and send a text is when the car is parked in a safe place with the engine switched off.

Young drivers need to realise the real dangers of using a mobile phone, or tablet, both for voice calls and messaging whilst in control of their vehicle.  It is important that these messages are sent out to all drivers, but young drivers in particular.

Acclaim Driving discuss these distractions with all of their learner drivers and we hope that this message is accepted and that once they have passed their driving test they take this message on board, and this will help them to become a safe driver!


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