Intensive Driving Lessons

Learn to Drive Quickly with an Intensive Course.

By acclaim driving team on 13th July 2011 in News

Learn to Drive Quickly with an Intensive Course

Do you want to learn to drive quickly?  An intensive or ‘crash’ course maybe what you are looking for.  The summer break is an ideal opportunity to realise your driving ambition and ideally you should plan your course over a three to six-week period.

Here are your top ten tips for a successful intensive course:

  1. Make sure that you have a provisional licence – both parts!
  2. Book a driving assessment with your Acclaim instructor – this will only cost £25!
  3. Have you passed your theory test? If not discuss this with your instructor, or purchase a Theory Test PC-Rom from our webshop.
  4. If you are learning over six weeks, aim to take the theory test after two weeks. Make sure you pass! If you want your course over three weeks then you need to apply and take your theory test as soon as possible.
  5. Your instructor will have advised you on your driving assessment how many hours you are likely to need and the best available package for you. These hours can then be spread evenly over the weeks of your course.
  6. As soon as you have passed your theory test, book your practical test to coincide with the end of your course. Your instructor will advise on which test centre to use.
  7. Book a mock test with your instructor before your “real” driving test, this will mean that you will know what to expect from the examiner on the day!
  8. If you have the chance, get some private practice with family and friends – but discuss with your instructor first!  Your instructor will advise you on what you need to practise.
  9. Enjoy your driving lessons!
  10. When you have passed – book your Pass Plus course for Christmas! Your instructor will guide you.

Good luck!

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