New DVSA Standards Check

From 7 April 2014, DVSA will replace the current ‘check test’ with a new ‘standards check’. New grading structure to be simpler and clearer

By The Acclaim Team on 13th March 2014 in News

Driving instructors will be given one of the following grades after their standards check:

  • A grade (85% or over) - an overall high standard of instruction
  • B grade (60% or over) - a sufficient level of competence
  • Fail (less than 60%) - an unsatisfactory performance

This change will also make it easier for learner drivers and their parents to understand. They’ll then be able to make a more informed decision when choosing a driving instructor. DVSA wants to keep working with the industry to help the top grade driving instructors promote the higher level of competence that they’ve worked hard to achieve.

The New Standards Check

During the new standards check, the examiner will assess how well the instructor meets the objectives set out  by The DVSA.

Details of how the instructors will be assessed can be found in the guidance on the standards check.

The DVSA is also updating the way it conducts checks on driving instructors. A new ‘standards check’ will better asses instructors on how well they meet the National Standard for driver and rider training, and how their instruction helps people to learn to drive effectively.

A DVSA spokes person said “The new standards check will enable qualified driving instructors to better demonstrate their competence to deliver effective training.  A high level of tuition can make a real difference in helping new drivers to become safe and responsible and the grading structure will make it easier for learners and parents to identify the best instructors”.  “Most driving instructors are grade 4 on the current structure, which means that they have demonstrated sufficient competence to remain on the register.  I want all instructors to strive to achieve the new A grade.  I also want to work with the industry to identify ways that we can help top grade instructors to promote the higher level of competence that they have worked hard to achieve”. Learners can check that their instructor is qualified to teach by looking for the green DVSA certificate that should be displayed in the instructor’s windscreen.  A pink licence signifies a trainee instructor who is gaining on-road experience during the qualifying process.  Before qualifying all driving instructors have to pass a series of tests and undergo a criminal records check to make sure that they are competent and safe to teach. Standards checks provide assurance that these standards are maintained.

• If a driving instructor receives a fail grade they will be given another ‘standards check’ within 12 weeks to allow them to show that their level of tuition has improved and that they meet the standards

• Instructors who fail 3 times in a row can be removed from the DVSA Register of Approved Driving Instructors  

• DVSA consulted last year on a series of changes aimed at modernising the driver training industry; these included replacing the existing DSA qualifying tests with a new vocational qualification and a reform of the trainee licence scheme, so that trainees would only be able to give paid tuition when accompanied by a fully qualified instructor.

Acclaim  Driving welcome this move which can only improve the standards of driving instructors teaching our learner drivers. Acclaim Driving are working with the DVSA in order to prepare our driving instructors for the new Standards Check.  The DVSA will be briefing Acclaim's driving instructors at our National Conference on the 27th March 2014.  Acclaim Driving always strive to keep our driving instructors fully informed on any changes in the industry.


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