Social Media Is The Biggest Distraction For Young Drivers

Recent research has suggested that social media is the biggest distraction for young drivers, ahead of talking on the mobile phone, noisy passengers and eating, or drinking whilst driving.

By The Acclaim Team on 6th March 2015 in News

Social Media Is The Biggest Distraction For Young Drivers

Drivers were tested in a vehicle which was set up with a headset to monitor brain activity, when the driver was distracted too much, the vehicle would slow down and eventually stop, only moving again if the driver’s concentration improves on the road ahead.

In the test, a significant drop in attention levels were recorded as the drivers checked Social Media on their mobile phones whilst driving. The second highest distraction was noisy and playful passengers, then talking on their mobile phone without a handsfree system caused the third highest drop in attention and texting caused the least distraction in these tests.      

The drivers who took part in the survey were shocked at the results and had not realised how much they had been distracted and how dangerous that this could be. We hope they will now stop taking these risks.

The message for all drivers is that mobile phones are really distracting don’t use a mobile phone whilst driving your vehicle!


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