Some Of This Week's Test Passes! (Week Ending 14/08/15)

A round up of some of this week's test passes with Acclaim!

Some Of This Week's Test Passes! (Week Ending 14/08/15)

By Sam Cherry on 14th August 2015 in News

Here is a summary of some of this week's test passes that have all been through Acclaim with our great instructors from around the United Kingdom!

Firstly, in the top left hand corner, well done to Lucy Taylor from Kettering! Lucy managed to pass her Driving Test with only 1 minor fault and passed with her Acclaim Driving Instructor Dave Merrill! To the right of Lucy, it's Becca Hancock who passed her Driving Test in Bournemouth with only 2 minors! Becca passed at the first attempt with Acclaim Instructor Mark Tucker! Next up, it's Matt Coker who passed his Driving Test in Dorchester! Matt passed with only 5 minor faults with Ken Merrick! To the right of Matt, it's Paul Gadd who passed his Driving Test in Redditch with Acclaim Instructor Nick Dale! Last pupil on the top row is Vannda Vas who passed in Wigston with 3 minor faults! She passed with Acclaim Instructor Theresa Mannix!

Starting from the right of the bottom row, we have an exclusive Selfie from Jodie Mullen who passed in Leicester! She passed her test with Acclaim's Richard Willcocks and Jodie said "From the first phone call with Sarah, I felt very looked after and supported. Everything was well organised. It was lovely to feel that people cared! Then I started my lessons with Acclaim's lovely Driving Instructor Richard Willcocks and he made me feel at easy from the get go! He was very patient with me and supportive, Thank you!". To the left of Jodie, it's Zariah Shamshad who passed her Driving Test in Wigston with only 2 minor faults with her Instructor Paul Whitehill! To the left of Zariah, it's Eva Kadar who has passed her driving test in Leicester at the first attempt with only 3 minor faults. Her instructor Richard Barton said he was proud, pleased and wishes Eva well for the future! Finally, in the bottom left hand corner, it's Darren Allot who passed his Driving Test in Loughborough! He managed to passed with only 2 minors with Acclaim's Gary Weston!

Once again, Congratulations to all pupils this week that passed with Acclaim and our instructors! If you've been mentioned in this blog, please let us know and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or any of our Social Media sites! Just search for Acclaim Driving! Click on any of the Pupils names or Instructor's names to find out more! If you've been missed out of this blog, please email -

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