This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 13/03/15)

A round up of some of the test passes we have recieved this week, with a few from the week before.

This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 13/03/15)

By Sam Cherry on 13th March 2015 in News

This is just a weekly article that will shine some light on our students that have passed their test's, in this case, recently. Firstly, at the top left of the picture, we have Cherie Burgess from Kettering who passed with Phillip Critchell. Next to her, we have Jason Chadney, who passed after taking part in an Intensive Course in Lichfield with Michal Mysior. To the right of him, we have Laura from Bournemouth who passed with Duncan Anderson, who said she would recommend him to all of her friends! And finally, along the top row, we have Adam from Hinckley who passed with Richard Barton!

On the bottom row, starting from the right, we have Charlie Xu who passed in Loughbrough with Kam Dholakia with only 2 minors!. To the right of him, we have Krystyna, who passed her test in Lichfield with Michal Mysior! And finally, we have Nahida who passed her test with Kam Dholakia! Well done to everyone who passed their tests with us and good luck to everyone from everyone at Acclaim!

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