This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 24/04/15)

A round up of some of the test passes we have received this week.

This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 24/04/15)

By Sam Cherry on 24th April 2015 in News

Here is a summary of the week's test passes that have all been through Acclaim with our great instructors from all over the country!

Firstly, in the top left of the picture we have Sophie Balfe from Bournemouth. She passed her test at the first attempt with Acclaim's Doug Moseley! Next to her, we have Alberta Matthews who passed her test with only 2 faults, instructed by Paul Chopra. Great effort by Alberta. Besides her, it's Chloe Wooley who passed, again with Doug Moseley, first time with only 5 minor faults! Finally, in the top right hand corner, it's James Cheny, who passed with Ken Merrick in Dorchester with only 3 minor faults. James had taken a 5 day intensive course beforehand and did very well to pass his test!

Starting in the bottom left hand corner, it's Natalie Pryor from Warwick, who passed her test with Stephen Dunstan, well done! To the right of her, we have Teresa, who passed her test with Kam Dholakia in Hinckley! She said "Thank you so much Kam. You gave me so much help and confidence! I've left it a little bit late in life but my daughter and her boyfriend having passed with Kam, I had no worries being recommended to Kam by them both. You lived up to all expectations and my son will be next up to pass with him!". Next to Teresa, it's Casper Collins who passed first time with only 4 minors, with her instructor Ken Merrick in Dorchester. Well done! Finally, in the bottom right hand corner, it's Angus Milligan, who passed his test with Acclaim's Doug Moseley, in Bournemouth with only 5 minor faults at this first attempt.

Once again, Congratulations to all pupils this week that passed with Acclaim and our instructors! If you've been missed out of this blog, please email -

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