This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 27/03/15)

A round up of some of the test passes we have recieved this week.

This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 27/03/15)

By Sam Cherry on 26th March 2015 in News

Here is a summary of the week's test passes that have all been through Acclaim with our great instructors from all over the country!

Firstly, we have Louie from Wigston who passed with Acclaim's Kam Dholakia. He said "Thank you so much Kam, you really were very good. I told my Mum when you did your honest assessment on me before my intensive course and I also told her this is the guy that's going to help me pass!". Next, to the left of him, we have Zayya Niang from Loughborough who passed with Kam again after a 'Week to Pass' course!. Next to Zayya, it's Mohammed Ali who passed his test, again with Acclaim's Kam also in Loughborough, and he also recommended 3 of his friends as he thought Kam was great.

Starting from the bottom left, we have Andrew who his passed his test with 1 minor with Dave Merrill! To the right of Andrew, we have Mel who passed with Duncan Anderson in Bournemouth! To the right of her, we have Arran who passed his test in Lichfield with Michal Mysior. Finally, we have Igor who has passed his test with Glen O'Connor this week!

Once again, congratulations to all pupils this week who passed with Acclaim and our instructors! If you've been missed out of this blog, please email -

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