This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 29/05/15)

A round up of some of the test passes we have received this week.

This Week's Test Passes (Week Ending 29/05/15)

By Sam Cherry on 28th May 2015 in News

Here is a summary of the week's test passes that have all been through Acclaim with our great instructors from around the United Kingdom!

Firstly, in the top left hand corner of the picture, Tara Graham who passed first time in St Albans with just 3 driver faults. She passed her test with Acclaim Instructor Gordon Blackwell! To the right of her, we have Joseph Pollard! He passed his test in Leicester with Bally Rai! Next to him, it's Hannah Bush who passed with Doug Moseley. She passed in Bournemouth with just 3 minor faults! Next to her, it's Nathan Smith. He passed his Driving Test in Melton. He pass at the first attempt with his instructor Jonathan Cole! To the right of Nathan, and last along the top row, it's Emma Donaghy. She passed her test in Balmoral, Northern Ireland. She passed on her first attempt with Acclaim Instructor Mark Walsh!

Starting in the bottom right hand corner, it's Imogen Upcraft who passed her driving test in Melton with NO driving faults with her instructor Jonathan Cole. Jonathan said "It was a fantastic effort by Imogen. Good luck car hunting and for the future!". To the left of Imogen, it's Fiona Mcdonah. Her Acclaim Instructor Phillip Critchell said "Congrats" on Fiona passing her test in Wellingborough with only 6 minor faults! Next to her, also instructed by Phillip Critchell, it's Hannah Needham who passed her test in Northampton. She only incurred 4 faults! To the left of her, it's Jemma Brookes. She passed her test at the first attempt with Doug Moseley in Bournemouth! Finally, in the bottom left hand corner, it's Brandon who passed his test in Loughborough. His Acclaim Instructor was Kam Dholakia who said that Brandon put in a great effort!

Once again, Congratulations to all pupils this week that passed with Acclaim and our instructors! Click on any of the Pupils names or Instructor's names to find out more! If you've been missed out of this blog, please email -

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