This Week's Test Passes (Weeks Ending 12/06/15)

A round up of some of the test passes we have received this week.

This Week's Test Passes (Weeks Ending 12/06/15)

By Sam Cherry on 12th June 2015 in News

Here is a summary of some of this week's test passes that have all been through Acclaim with our great instructors from around the United Kingdom!

In the top left corner of the picture, it's Edijs who passed his test in Leicester, His instructor was Paul Chopra at the first attempt with only 3 minor faults! If you click on Edij's name, it will take you to a video that he recorded with Paul about his lessons, just after he passed his test! To the right of him, it's Adrian who passed his test in Hinckley! He completed his test with Kam Dholakia incurring only 2 minor faults in Hinckley! Next, it's Marcel Williams who passed his test with only 4 minor faults in Wigston with Gary Weston! Again, if you click on Marcel's name, it will take you to a video where he describes how his lessons were and how he felt after he passed his test! To the right of Marcel, it's Kirsten who passed her test in Southall. Her Driving Instructor Aimee Munro who said "Huge Congrats Kirsten and Good Luck for the future!". Finally, along the top row, it's Kenna who passed her Driving Test in Bournemouth with Duncan Anderson! He said "The sun shone for all but especially for you". Your persistence paid off and you got your deserved pass. Enjoy your freedom and keep it safe!".

Underneath Kenna photo, it's Sophie Robinson. Sher passed her test in Wigston with Keith Colman! Well done to Sophie and good luck for the future! To the left of Sophie, it's Luke McManus who passed his test in Northampton with Dave Merrill! Dave said "A great drive, so now stay safe and enjoy your new car!". Next to him, it's Amy Addison who passed her test in Wellingborough with only 6 minor faults with Phillip Critchell! Phil said "Well done Amy, enjoy your freedom!". Finally, in the bottom left, of the picture, it's Jamie Goodall who passed first time with Yousoufally Owarish in Enfield! Jamie posted on our Facebook page and let us know, so we thought we'd include him in this blog!  

Once again, Congratulations to all pupils this week that passed with Acclaim and our instructors! Click on any of the Pupils names or Instructor's names to find out more! If you've been missed out of this blog, please email -

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