By The Acclaim Team on 01st June 2021 in News

For any learner driver, the idea of taking your practical driving test can seem daunting. Any student preparing for their driving test will know that practice makes perfect. You may have also heard how important it is to have regular driving lessons and even how eating a banana can provide you with a performance boost as a well-known driving test superfood!

However, one thing you may not have already considered is the timing of your driving test and how choosing the best time can improve your chances of passing your driving test.

This blog talks through the different timings of booking your driving test and whether the time and day of your driving test can really make a difference between passing and failing.

When Is the Best Time To Book a Driving Test?

Strictly speaking, the best time for you will depend on how comfortable you are as a driver. As an example, some drivers cope well under pressure and when in traffic, whereas other drivers find they are more confident when the road conditions are more clear.

Whilst some may argue that the time of your driving test doesn’t have an impact on the end result, studies carried out by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA) say otherwise.

According to the DVLA, students sitting their driving test later in the day - between 7pm and 9pm, are most likely to pass with an average pass rate of 65%, compared to 48% with learners who take their tests between 11am and 1pm. The only downside is that evening tests (beyond 16:30) are very difficult to book.

When looking at exact days of when the chances are in your favour, it’s interesting to know that pass rates are much higher on Monday and Tuesday, compared to other days during the week and at weekends.

While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your driving test at this time, it does mean that this time is better suited to students who are able to remain confident and calm during busier times with slightly more traffic compared to later in the evening. We always advise booking your test around the same time that your driving lessons typically take place. 

Should I Book an Evening Driving Test?

We do recommend booking several driving lessons at different times to see which time of day is best for you. As, statistically, the evening is the best time of day to take your driving test, we advise practicing around this time to get a precise idea of what to expect on the road. Quieter roads and fewer drivers in a hurry can put learners at an advantage as there is reduced stress when the roads are more quiet.

It’s also worth noting that, at Acclaim Driving, we have some of the best driving instructors in the industry that take the time to make sure you are fully prepared and confident prior to your test to reduce the chances of needing to retake your driving test. 

Unfortunately, this does mean that evening driving tests are high in demand with learners rushing to book evening exams to stack the odds in their favour. We would also like to reassure learners to not panic if you aren’t able to book an evening test as your instructor will only advise you to book your test once they feel you are ready. Throughout your lessons, your instructor will eventually take you on busier routes to test your confidence and prepare you for your driving test, regardless of the time of day your test is booked for.

It’s also worthwhile remembering that every learner is different. While most students prefer to drive when roads are more quiet, others prefer the pressure and find driving easy even when the roads are busy. As well as this, most people feel more alert in the morning rather than the afternoon, so it makes sense to take this into account when booking your driving test.

Pass with Acclaim Driving

Pass your driving test with confidence and be on the road in no time with our industry-leading driving instructors. All of our instructors are super friendly and you can either book quickly and easily online or call the office and one of the team will talk you through your options.

At Acclaim Driving, we are always here to help with your driving test needs. Be sure to reach out on 0800 838 440 if you have any questions about passing your driving test. Book your driving lesson now or get in touch for more information.