By The Acclaim Team on 01st July 2020 in News

As lockdown begins to ease slightly into July 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in one way or another. For those who were preparing to take their test, car driving tests will restart from Wednesday 22 July 2020 as per the latest government guidelines.

For others, you may be patiently waiting to book your next driving lesson after having driving lessons cancelled or postponed several months ago.

Whilst we have been taking some driving lessons since March, the great news is that we’re able to take on driving lessons from Monday 6th July, which can be booked online now!

If you are having driving lessons, you will be expected to confirm that you are symptom-free before every lesson. Your health is our top priority, so please only book a driving lesson if you are sure you are in good health.

Leicester Goes Back Into Lockdown

Non-essential shops in Leicester will close on 30th June and schools will be shut to most pupils from Thursday as part of restrictions imposed after a rise in coronavirus cases, Health Secretary Matt Hancock told MPs.

For those learners that live within the lockdown zone, or have booked lessons with instructors that may live within the lockdown zone, we advise you to directly contact your instructor. They will be able to advise as to whether the lesson is postponed until 20th July. 

If you cannot contact your instructor, our office remains open as usual, so please don't hesitate to get in touch, call us on 0800 838 440 for more details. 

Those learners and instructors situated outside the lockdown zone will be able to proceed with their lessons as planned, this includes South West Leicester, Enderby, Stoughton and other areas. 

Below is the current guidance for people in Leicester:

  • To protect yourself and others
  • Stay at home as much as possible. Leave only for work or essentials (such as food shopping or caring for others).
  • Keep 2 metres apart from people outside of your household at all times.
  • Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitiser.
  • Always wear a face covering when on public transport or in any confined public space, including workplaces.

Who Can Take Driving Lessons?

Please note that over the past few months, we have been operating for key workers who require their driver’s licence as a matter of urgency. However, on the 6th of July, driving lessons will be available to all students, permitting Leicester.

We have implemented additional sanitation protocols in operation for these situations in preparation for when we widen our number of lessons in July.

Fortunately for critical/key workers who are involved in the COVID-19 response, driving tests are still available now. These sectors include:

  • Health and social care

  • Education and childcare

  • Key public services

  • Local and national government

  • Food and other necessary goods

  • Public safety and national security

  • Transport

  • Utilities, communication and financial services

Booking Your Lessons

With a large number of students waiting to rebook their driving lessons, we are anticipating having students on a waiting list with any internal cancellations taken by another Acclaim Driving student.

We do advise early booking to secure lessons with our instructors when our lessons resume in July. Whilst we expect our instructor’s diaries to fill up fast, all lessons will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

We will be prioritising all prepaid lessons and we will not be accepting cash as payment. Please book your driving lessons online.

Driving Tests

With the growing spread of the pandemic towards the beginning of the year, DVSA cancelled three months worth of tests from the 20th March. This means that there’s likely to be a backlog of cancelled tests which will lead to a difficulty booking when driving tests recommence.

Please note that all refunds for cancelled tests will take a couple of weeks to come through. If you have concerns regarding this, please contact DVSA.

We do advise you to consult your instructor before taking your driving test but to book well in advance and as soon as slots are available if your instructor has said you are ready to take the test.

Our advice is to get yourself ready and be prepared for a last-minute test as there are currently no further instructions as to when driving tests will be commencing.

Safety Precautions We’re Taking

Please rest assured that Acclaim Driving instructors will be following industry best practice on PPE requirements during every driving lesson. This will also include sanitising the vehicle between each driving lesson, ensuring that door handles, window controls, seat adjusters, steering wheel and steering wheel height adjuster, parking brake, gear lever, indicator and wiper stalks, light controls, car keys or stop/start button and seat belts are thoroughly cleaned at the beginning and end of each driving lesson.

Your driving instructor will carry out a risk assessment before each lesson and will be specifically trained in understanding how to reduce viral contamination in order to conduct a safe driving lesson.

You should expect to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Windows kept open on your driving lesson for ventilation

  • Air-conditioning must be switched off at all times to avoid recirculation

  • Booking online to avoid the handling of cash payments

  • Wash your hands before and after your lesson

  • No handshaking

  • No accompanying drivers, passengers or trainers in the vehicle (only yourself and your instructor)

Your driving instructor will text you before each lesson to ensure that you are in good health and able to take your lesson. If you are experiencing any symptoms or if you have come into contact with anyone else showing symptoms, please understand that your instructor will immediately cancel your lesson and you will be required to self isolate for 14 days.

If you are experiencing symptoms, please contact your instructor before your lesson. At this time, should any student need to cancel their driving lesson due to having symptoms or having to self isolate without giving the required 48 hours notice, we will not charge the cancellation fee.

You can also wear a face mask and/or gloves if you wish, but please ensure the gloves you wear are clean and have not been used before.

We’re Here To Help

Acclaim Driving would like to thank all instructors and students for their cooperation and patience during this time of uncertainty. 

We are looking forward to recommencing our driving lessons and not only getting more confident drivers on the road, but also to welcome new students in the following months.

Pass your driving test with confidence and be on the road in no time with our industry-leading driving instructors. All of our instructors are super friendly and you can either book quickly and easily online or call the office and one of the team will talk you through your options.
Book your driving lesson now or get in touch for more information.