By The Acclaim Team on 20th November 2020 in News

Gaining your driver’s licence after passing the DVSA test can give an incredible sense of freedom after all of the hard work and days and nights of research has finally paid off! 

With Christmas fast approaching, there’s no better time like the present than to really give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. Whilst young adults are generally very difficult to buy gifts for, if they have recently passed their driving test or are on their way to taking their DVSA driving test, then there are plenty of amazing gifts to add to your list!

Whether you’re a new driver looking to treat yourself or if you’re shopping for gifts for a new driver this Christmas, we’ve got you covered with our list of unique and thoughtful gifts for learner drivers.

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

Helping someone to learn to drive is a gift for life, and learning how to drive is a skill that provides freedom. A thoughtful gift that will always be appreciated by a learner is the gift to help them on their journey to passing their test, which is why driving lesson gift vouchers are at the top of our gift list for a learner! Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who wants to learn to drive, or want to give them the opportunity to do so. Acclaim have driving lesson gift vouchers available from £30. Just tell us how much you want to spend. They’re Christmas themed and can be purchased 365 days a year, perfect if you need to do some last-minute shopping.

If a learner is due to take their DVSA driving test, then what better gift than advanced driving lessons? As a driving school, we understand that after passing your DVSA driving test, the last thing a driver will want to do is get back in the car for further training. With that being said, advanced driving lessons can help a new driver become a safer driver on the road by improving the driving skills. 

While driving lessons should be geared toward passing your DVSA test and becoming a confident driver, we understand that the real learning starts after passing your test. Driving solo can also be very daunting for new drivers, particularly when taking motorways for the first time, which isn’t possible in the standard driving lessons.

Our advanced driving courses can improve road safety and can teach new drivers important techniques in improving fuel economy. As well as this, it can be the perfect solution to iron out any minors from the DVSA driving test!

If you already know how many lessons you want to book for your loved ones, you can quickly and easily book the driving lessons online for them. 

Personalised Number Plates

As a classic gift for a new driver, we couldn’t not mention personalised number plates! For a special gift that can make the first car extra special, a personalised number plate can add character to a car in a creative and individual way that makes a statement.

Whether it be a first name, surname, or something meaningful, a private number plate ensures originality as the perfect gift for car lovers and new drivers.

AA Breakdown Kit

While breakdowns are never ideal, ensuring that a new driver is fully prepared is always vital. An AA Breakdown & Emergency Kit might not be the most exciting Christmas gift, but it’s sure to be one that may come in handy one day and can ensure a new driver is fully prepared in the case of any emergency or breakdown.

The AA Breakdown & Emergency Kit, which includes a hazard warning triangle, tow rope, booster cables, foot pump with gauge, high-grip cotton gloves and a waterproof torch, retails at just £35 and keeps all emergency breakdown items together in one place.

Car Boot Organiser

We understand this isn’t the most exciting gift, but a car boot organiser is perfect for drivers who are organised, or even those who should be a little more organised! With hundreds of options available on the market, you can choose from car boot organisers that attach to the back of the rear seats or can come with a useful handle for easy transportation and moving.

Car boot organisers generally come with several compartments and pockets, which is perfect for storing spare bulbs, windscreen scrapers or other car accessories. As a more functional gift, a car boot organiser can prevent smaller objects from rolling around in the boot and becoming lost.

Car Cleaning Kit

For a car lover, a car cleaning kit is a perfect gift for keeping the car squeaky clean, which is most likely going to be more often than normal when first getting a car!

There are many brands out there, however, you can’t go wrong with Autoglym’s Perfect Bodywork and Wheels Gift Collection for just £50. The kit includes some of their best-selling products, including shampoo, conditioner, super resin polish, gloss protector, tyre dressing and wheel protector.

Dash Cam

A must-have staple for any driver on the road is a dashcam which improves safety and helps to safeguard insurance policies. It’s worthwhile shopping around and doing your research, with some dashcams even equipped with intelligent technology to record speed, acceleration and geolocation.

A dashcam can also reduce the insurance premium - a small price to pay for a learner saving hundreds on their car insurance!

Reverse Camera

One of the trickiest things you need to accomplish as a driver in the UK is to become really good at reverse parking. While a new driver would have spent hours practising manoeuvers, such as reverse parking, driving in your own car can be a little daunting for new drivers who may struggle with spatial awareness.

A reverse camera is a great gift for a new driver who doesn’t already have a reverse camera integrated with their car. Reverse cameras fully integrate into your vehicle and mirror the reverse picture to make reversing and parking much easier without the danger of damaging the car. A reverse camera can be easily attached to the rear of the car (either above the number plate or at the boot of the car) and can be wired through to the reverse light and then through to a monitor on the dashboard. This means that when you go into reverse gear, the monitor will automatically produce the reverse image.

One of our favourite reverse cameras is the TOGUARD Mirror Dash Cam which also acts as a front and rear dashcam.

Bluetooth Transmitter

While new drivers are unlikely to go for a brand new vehicle, their vehicle is slightly less likely to have Bluetooth connectivity to play music. A Bluetooth Transmitter can create a connection between a mobile phone and the radio system to successfully play music straight from a phone.

Bluetooth Transmitters, which are powered through the cigarette socket, can also charge a mobile phone - making it a perfect gift for drivers with slightly older cars.

Tile Keyring

While this isn’t strictly car related, there is nothing worse than being in a rush to leave the house and struggling to find house and car keys. The Tile Keyring allows you to ring your keys from anywhere around the house (and beyond a certain distance, depending on which edition of keyring) from a mobile phone. 

The keyring makes life a lot easier when in a hurry, and for young drivers who are prone to misplacing their keys, this is the perfect gift!

Is There Anything We Missed?

If you think there are any thoughtful gifts that we might have missed in this guide, we would love to know about it!

Interested in advanced driving lessons? If you are, we would be more than happy to be of assistance. With our gift vouchers for driving lessons, you’re in safe hands that your gift will arrive just in time for the special day!