By The Acclaim Team on 07th June 2019 in News

Driving In Fog

When it's foggy driving conditions can be unpredictable, your visibility can be reasonably clear one minute and then you can immediately hit a dense patch of fog the next.

If you are faced with foggy conditions it is best to practise to avoid driving at all or drive as little as possible. However, if you need to drive you need to prepare before you set out into one of the most dangerous driving conditions.


  • Ensure all the lights on your vehicle are in working order and are clean including your fog lights.
  • Check that all of your vehicle windows are clean both inside and out, in order to ensure good visibility Your vision can be further reduced by glare if windows are not clean.
  • Check that you have enough fluid in your window washer reservoir. Your use of windscreen wipers will be frequent in foggy conditions, because whilst driving in fog your vehicle will be receiving dirt and spray from other vehicles on the road.
  • Check that your tyres have the correct pressure, driving in fog may require you to break heavily and if your tyres are either under inflated, or over-inflated, your tyres grip and vehicle stopping distances can be significantly affected.
  • You also need to check out your fog lights to ensure you know how to turn them on and off dont wait until you need them.