By The Acclaim Team on 28th March 2023 in News

Upon passing your driving test, you may feel like you’ll never need another driving lesson again. After all, you’ve achieved your goal of obtaining your driving licence and can now look forward and prepare for your life opportunities to open up now you’re an able driver. 

But, not everybody is in a position to afford or buy a car immediately after passing their test. For some people, the period between passing their driving test and actually driving on the roads is a substantial gap. In some instances, this can lead to reduced confidence in your ability to drive. 

Refresher driving lessons are a great way to refamiliarise yourself with the art of driving, helping you to regain any confidence that may have waned a little since passing your test. Read our blog on why refresher driving lessons can be beneficial, both for new and experienced drivers. 


What are refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving lessons are an option, they don’t have to be taken and are not mandatory, but there are several benefits to taking them depending on your circumstances. You may decide to opt for refresher driving lessons for a number of reasons:  

  • They haven’t driven in a long time and need to rebuild their confidence and driving experience again. 

  • You may have relocated to a different town or part of the country. Therefore you are unfamiliar with the roads and driving in that area. 

  • If you have previously had a car accident, it may have knocked your confidence, and a refresher driving lesson can help rebuild this.

  • You may wish to expand the experience you already have by driving at night-time or on motorways, so you're prepared for all eventualities. 

  • If you have had a conviction for driving, such as speeding, you may be instructed or advised to take refresher lessons. 

Even if you do not fit into any of the above criteria, and you’re a driver that has recently passed their test, it may be worth thinking about a few refresher lessons - just to give you that extra wealth of experience that can be so invaluable when driving. 


Should I take them? 

It all depends on how beneficial you feel they would be. If you’re an experienced driver and have the utmost confidence in your ability to drive in all environments, then it’s perhaps not required. But, as driving rules and regulations change frequently, many drivers, even those who have been driving a long time, can be found guilty of not knowing all the rules correctly. 

Therefore, a few refresher driving lessons would only serve as a benefit to you in the long run. Equally, you may find you are confident in some areas of driving but less so in others. Tweaking and improving the areas you are weakest at will help you to breed a new-found confidence in your driving and improve you as a driver overall. 


The benefits of refresher driving lessons

Undoubtedly, by taking refresher lessons, you’ll gain better insight, gain greater confidence and improve your overall skill-set as a driver. Here are some of the great benefits refresher driving lessons can bring. 


Road knowledge

As rules and regulations on vehicles, pedestrians and general rules of the road change, staying updated isn’t always easy. During your refresher lessons, your instructor will go over any new changes. You can also ask any questions about the areas you’re unsure of, so you’re sure to be getting all the latest information.


Accomplished and safe driving

You can never be ‘too experienced, and there are always new things or improvements you can make in your driving. You’ll be able to learn new safety rules, become a safer driver if you’re over-confident, or become a more accomplished driver by taking refresher lessons. Being a responsible driver is of paramount importance for both you and other motorists.  


Improved driving skills and confidence

Even if you have been a driver for years, or are new to the driving world, the details and knowledge acquired in your initial driving lessons will have waned somewhat. There is so much to learn, and remember that this is natural, so by opting for refresher driving lessons, you’ll be given a reminder of things that may have slipped from your memory. 

Equally, the need for confidence as a driver is important. Hesitant drivers are more prone to causing accidents, as poor or slow decision-making can be a factor in bumps on the road. Many drivers can still feel anxious after completing lessons and the test, as they are not used to driving unaccompanied. 


Is there a limit on how many lessons I can take? 

As there is no need for a test at the end of your course of lessons, you can be flexible with the amount you take. If you only need to tie up any loose ends in a couple of areas, then a handful of lessons is perhaps all that is required. You may feel that a longer stretch of lessons is beneficial if you want to target more areas and gradually build your confidence. Your driving instructor will always guide you and inform you if they feel they could do extra work if needed. 


Refresher lessons with Acclaim Driving

We have driving instructors available all over the country who are on hand to help with any assistance or refresher lessons you feel you’ll benefit from. 

They’ll improve your existing driving skills, help build your confidence and make you a more accomplished driver. 

For more information, please contact us today, and our wonderful team will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.