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Whether you're a teenager eager to hit the open road or an adult finally taking the plunge into driving, a driver’s license is one of the most sought-after qualifications you can obtain. It gives you the independence to get from A to B whenever you want, but before you can enjoy that freedom, you've got to tackle the nerve-wracking driving test.

One question we hear all the time is, ‘What day/time is the best for me to book my driving test?’  As a leading driving school, we've had the privilege of guiding countless students through the process of obtaining their driver's license. Over the years, we've gained valuable insights into the dynamics of scheduling driving tests and the factors that can influence success.

So, if you're wondering which day or time might give you the best shot at acing your driving test, you've come to the right place. Let's explore some expert tips and considerations to help you make the most informed decision and increase your chances of passing with flying colours.


But what is the best day of the week to take your driving test?

Taking your driving test can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially if you have invested hours and months into learning how to drive. And no matter how confident you are in your skills, test day nerves can often get the better of even the most skilled drivers. 


There are lots of different factors that can influence your performance on test day, including the following:


  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed due to the immense pressure to pass. Those feelings can impact your judgement and nerves.

  • Being faced with an unfamiliar route can impact your performance if you get stressed.

  • Being judged by an examiner can also add extra pressure.


According to some research, the day of the week that you take your driving test can also influence your likelihood of passing. For example, some days have higher pass rates than others!

Data from the DVSA studies have indicated that Tuesdays tend to have a slightly higher pass rate than weekends as there’s less traffic on the roads, and examiners are in a better frame of mind earlier in the week! At the same time, the time of day has also been linked to impacting pass rates. For example, drivers who take their test between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. are more likely to pass than drivers who take their test later in the day. 


What factors influence test performance?

No two days are ever the same on the roads, as many different factors can influence test performance. These factors include:


Weather conditions 


The weather can have a huge impact on driving performance, especially extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice and heavy rain. These types of conditions can make driving incredibly challenging and nerve-wracking. 

With this in mind, in the run up to your test, you should keep a close eye on the weather forecast and avoid scheduling your test during periods of bad weather. 


Are you prepared?


If you are considering booking your driving test, you should ensure you are 100% ready and well-prepared. Prior to your test, you should book as many lessons as possible. You should also drive and practice in different weather conditions to build up your confidence and get test day ready!


The traffic


The roads are often unpredictable, especially when it comes to traffic! Today, there are more drivers on the road than ever before, and although rush hours are notoriously busy, other times of the day are also busy. With this in mind, you should always ensure you get as much practice as possible driving in heavy traffic, as this can be more stressful.


Your car handling skills


When preparing for your driving test, it’s important to focus on nailing your car handling skills, as these can impact your performance. For example, during your test, it’s paramount that you demonstrate the ability to have full control of gear changes, braking, and manoeuvring the vehicle you are driving.  


Road awareness


Road awareness is also incredibly important. When you are driving, you should always be aware of your surroundings. During your test, you should always check your mirrors and blind spots. 

Finally, when it comes to preparing for your driving test, your mental attitude is everything and can have a huge impact on your performance. You should adopt a positive attitude from the offset, believe in yourself and always ensure that you get enough sleep and rest the night before your driving test. 


What factors should you consider when choosing the day for your driving test?

When preparing for your driving test, selecting the right day can significantly impact your performance. Let's explore the key factors to consider when scheduling your test to maximise your chances of success.

Monday –  The pros of taking your driving test on a Monday is that surprisingly traffic tends to be lighter. Examiners are also fresher and more patient after a weekend break. The cons are that on a Monday morning, you may feel less alert or focused.

Tuesday –  There’s been a significant amount of research that has indicated that Tuesdays have a higher pass rate than any other day of the week! However, taking your test on a weekday may conflict with your work and social commitments. 

Wednesday—If you decide to take your test on Wednesday, your examiner will likely already be in a good mood during the working week. However, as Wednesday is a popular test day, availability can sometimes be an issue.

Thursday – Traffic on a Thursday is generally lighter, making it a popular day to take your test. However, again, due to the popularity of this day, availability can sometimes be an issue. 

Friday – Drivers taking their driving test on a Friday tend to be more motivated than any other day of the week as they want to end their week on a high!  However, traffic on a Friday can be heavy as many people leave work early or hit the road to get away for the weekend.

Saturday/Sunday  –  Taking your driving test on a weekend means that you don’t have to worry about taking time off school or work, so you feel more relaxed when taking the exam!


What is the best time to book your driving test? 


When deciding what time to take your driving test, you should take the below into consideration:

Early Mornings (7 am—9 am): Although you will hit the morning rush hour and school run, this level of traffic will keep you on high alert and, therefore, boost your observation skills. 

Mid-mornings (9 am—11 am): Traffic is typically lighter than later in the day, and taking your test at this time will avoid the pre-lunch rush. 

Rush Hour (4 pm-6 pm): Traffic can be heavy. However, this can help boost your observation skills. 

After 7 pm – Although the roads are quiet, the pass rate during this period is lower. 


Although there's no single “ideal” day and time to take your driving test, you should still take all of the above into consideration when deciding when to book your driving test. 


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