By The Acclaim Team on 31st December 2023 in News

Are you thinking about starting a career as a driving instructor? Well, choosing to become a driving instructor is a flexible, empowering job that is more than just guiding learners through the motions of turning a steering wheel. It's about empowering individuals with a life-changing skill. 

If you are looking for the flexibility to choose your own hours, the opportunity to build your own business, and the potential to earn a good living, then becoming a driving instructor could be perfect for you!

Let’s explore the many benefits of becoming a driving instructor and why this fulfilling career might be the perfect road for your professional journey. Buckle up as we navigate through the rewards and opportunities of becoming a driving instructor.


Empowerment and Independence:

At its core, being a driving instructor is about imparting not just the mechanics of operating a vehicle but instilling a sense of confidence, responsibility, and independence that lasts a lifetime. It's about providing learners with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the roads safely, to face the challenges of diverse driving conditions, and make informed decisions that impact their safety and the safety of others.

Witnessing the growth of your student's abilities and the blossoming of their confidence in each lesson is immensely gratifying. As they confidently drive into the test centre after a successful practical, a profound sense of pride validates the impact of your dedicated work.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance:

Explore the flexibility that comes with a career as a driving instructor. Enjoy the freedom to set your schedule, allowing for a balanced and adaptable work-life equilibrium that fits your lifestyle and personal commitments.

This makes the job ideal for parents as it provides a rare blend of professional autonomy and family-centric adaptability. Juggling the responsibilities of parenthood alongside a traditional career can be challenging, but being a driving instructor offers a unique solution tailored to the dynamic needs of being a parent.

Job Security and Constant Demand:

Delve into the stability and consistent demand for driving instructors. With the perpetual need for skilled instructors, this career path offers a secure and promising future, ensuring job security in an ever-evolving job market.

Each year, roughly 1.6 million people in the UK take a driving test, with a pass rate of around 43%. This staggering number highlights the constant influx of new drivers into the UK's roadways, reflecting the ongoing demand for qualified driving instructors.

Continuous Learning and Professional Growth:

Appreciate the culture of continuous learning embedded in the role. Stay ahead of the curve by adapting to evolving road regulations and incorporating innovative teaching methodologies. This career promises not just a job but a journey of personal and professional growth.

Versatile Career Paths:

The realm of driving instruction is not limited to the confines of a traditional instructor-student dynamic; rather, it unfolds into a vast landscape of versatile career paths. As a driving instructor, you have the flexibility to explore diverse avenues, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

If you find fulfilment in sharing your expertise with aspiring instructors, becoming a certified driving instructor trainer is a rewarding option. In this role, you guide and mentor new instructors, helping them develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their own teaching careers. This leadership position contributes to the overall improvement of driving instruction standards and ensures a legacy of skilled educators.

Contributing to Road Safety:

As a driving instructor, you are on the frontline of cultivating responsible driving habits. Your role extends beyond the technicalities of operating a vehicle; it involves instilling a deep sense of responsibility and awareness in your learners. By emphasising the importance of defensive driving, adherence to traffic rules, and consideration for other road users, you are laying the foundation for a culture of safety.

The impact of your teachings will ripple through the broader driving community. By nurturing skilled and responsible drivers, you contribute to the creation of a safer driving environment. The habits instilled during your lessons have a collective effect, creating a ripple effect that extends to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Your role as a driving instructor becomes a cornerstone in building a community that prioritises safety on the roads.


What makes a good driving instructor?

Of course, a thorough knowledge of road safety and teaching methods are the most crucial aspects of being a driving instructor. However, these can be taught- so don’t worry, you will learn to be a driving instructor There are certain innate personal attributes that make certain people natural at being brilliant instructors. If you have these qualities, you will be a perfect fit.

Patient Guidance:

Patience is not just a virtue; it's a cornerstone of effective instruction. A good driving instructor understands that each learner progresses at their own pace. Patient guidance allows for a supportive learning environment where mistakes are viewed as opportunities for improvement rather than deterrents.

Clear Communication Skills:

The ability to articulate instructions clearly is paramount. A good driving instructor communicates with clarity, ensuring that learners understand not just the 'what' but the 'why' behind each instruction. Clear communication builds trust and facilitates a more meaningful learning experience.

Empathy and Understanding:

Recognising and understanding the diverse needs of learners is a hallmark of empathy. A good driving instructor tailors their approach to accommodate different learning styles, anxieties, and backgrounds. This inclusive mindset fosters a positive and supportive atmosphere for all students.

Optimistic Attitude:

Encouragement is a powerful tool in the arsenal of a good driving instructor. Positive reinforcement not only boosts the confidence of learners but also motivates them to strive for improvement. Celebrating successes, no matter how small, fosters a constructive and uplifting learning environment.


While not essential, a humorous instructor can make a big difference. If they can find the funny side and crack a few jokes, it can put you at ease and make your lessons more enjoyable. While learning remains the priority, occasional laughter along the way can create a positive and relaxed atmosphere.


What requirements are there to start training?

If you are ready to take the leap and take the career change to become an instructor, these are the requirements you need to pass to get on the road to achieving your goal.

Age Requirement:

  • You need to be a minimum of 21 years old to pursue a career as a driving instructor.

Valid Driver's Licence:

  • Possession of a valid driver's licence for a continuous period of at least three years is a prerequisite.

Visual Checks:

  • An essential requirement is the ability to read a licence plate from a distance of 90 feet, ensuring adequate visual acuity.

Clear Motoring Record:

  • Successful completion of checks for motoring convictions is mandatory, reflecting a clean and responsible motoring record.

DBS Clearance:

  • Prospective driving instructors must undergo and pass the necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks. This ensures a comprehensive background check, confirming suitability for a role involving instruction and interaction with learners.


Become a driving instructor with Acclaim

At Acclaim, we are committed to nurturing a community of dedicated and passionate driving instructors through our training. Our commitment goes beyond the initial training phase – it extends to supporting you throughout your entire career journey. 

Embrace the wealth of knowledge that comes from learning under the mentorship of our seasoned driving instructors at Acclaim. Our team comprises experienced professionals who bring a depth of insight and expertise to your training journey. As mentors, they go beyond the role of instructors; they become your guides, imparting not only technical know-how but also the nuances of effective teaching.

Our Process 

You will undertake a 3-step process to learn to be a driving instructor, after you submit your DBS check and you are approved.

Part 1: Learn the Fundamentals

Acquire theoretical knowledge through a comprehensive process:

  • Undertake a 100-question multiple-choice exam.

  • Navigate through four sections covering diverse topics.

  • Participate in a Hazard Perception Test.

  • Successfully pass both tests in the same sitting to complete your Part 1 Exam.

Part 2: Practical Driving Proficiency

Demonstrate your driving skills and knowledge in a one-hour test, which includes:

  • An eyesight check.

  • Evaluation of basic car maintenance understanding.

  • Driving to a high standard with a brisk, business-like approach.

  • Following directions on a sat-nav.

  • Maintaining a maximum of six minor errors to pass your Part 2.

Part 3: Instructional Expertise

Showcase your teaching abilities through an examiner-observed lesson:

  • Conduct a real lesson to demonstrate coaching skills.

  • Exhibit proficiency in lesson planning.

  • Showcase risk management capabilities.

  • Implement effective teaching and learning strategies.


Our training program is designed to have you confidently navigating the roads in as little as three months, or if you prefer, you can choose to spread your training over a more relaxed twelve-month period. This flexible approach is tailored to provide you the freedom to learn at a pace that suits your individual commitments and needs. Your journey to becoming a skilled driver is important to us, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re looking for driving instructor courses near me, get in contact with our team or fill out our online form to book your lessons today and experience the fulfilment of being a qualified driving instructor.