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What is Client Centred Learning?


Client Centred Learning is an educational driving lesson approach that reviews how the individual learner prefers to learn and adapts the lessons to that specific learner. It recognises that all learners will learn at a different pace. When learners are taught this way there is a strong likelihood that the learner will retain the information and the skills that they leant. This approach completely changes the dynamics of conventional driving lessons.

The DVSA heavily endorse this type of training and we usually see a dramatic improvement in the willingness of the learner to keep learning.

By using good Q&A techniques, listening skills and effective feedback from both the pupil and the driving instructor, the instructor is able to establish the pupil's temperament, personality, confidence and ability.

It will help the pupil to understand, find and develop their own solutions to a problem. Learners who are trained this way often go on to be very successful at driving.