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Kam Dholakia

I’m a driving instructor living in Leicester and I offer driving lessons in. most of Leicester and surrounding areas.

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I offer driving lessons, and I am also qualified to deliver Refresher lesson and Motorway lessons.

Well done to Kirsty who passed her Driving Test in Loughborough at the first attempt with only 1 minor with Kam Dholakia! Look at her comments below!

About Me

  •   My lifes philosophy is karma and I pass this on in my approach to all things we want to achive in life. Driving is an ability and skill in life I would love to help you with.
  • All of your lessons will be informative, varied, humorous and interesting and fun, but most of all an experience that you will enjoy and build on.
  • I am patient, kind and fully understand that learning to drive for some people can be pretty daunting, but I can promise you that together we will work hard so you achieve your goal of passing your driving test.   

"Thank you so much Kam! Today has really changed my life!". - Kirsty, Loughborough.

The Examiner said "It was a very good drive!". Oli commented saying "Thank you so much Kam for your calm and understanding teaching, you really helped me to be at ease during my lessons!". - Oli.

"My mate Alistair was right to recommend Kam, having passed his test first time with him. Kam also helped me pass first time! - Thank you so much!". - Aaron.

Well done to Dale Bond passed his test first time at Hinckley after a 7 day intensive with only 2 minors. After a massive hug, he asked Kam for his business cards to pass on to his friends and family!

Well done to Luke Walters who passed in Loughborough at the first attempt - "Thanks Kam, my family told me to go with other instructors and schools but after your honest assessment, I knew you were gonna help me get through this tough, life changing process of passing my test".   

"Thank you Kam for believing in me and giving me the confidence, I really could not have done it without your help, still can't believe it ( my brother is next) Thank you again". - Emma.

"Thanks for the experience Kam, great instructor, great personality. All the best mate" - Jake.

Thanks very much Kam, it was an absolute pleasure to have had this experience with yourself and will keep in touch, thanks again. Mathew Grimes. (Leicester)

 Jade Passed her Test at Melton Mowbray, just before Christmas, great present.
"Thanks Kam you have been so helpful and supportive"

Well done to Kye who passed his test 1st time in Loughborough! He also only got 2 minors! Kye learnt with Acclaim Driving Intstructor Kam! Kye said "Thank you so much Kam, my friend was right to recommend you!'

Well done to Caroline! She passed her test in Melton first time with Acclaim Driving Instructor Kam! Well done and good luck from everyone at Acclaim! Sher came to Kam as a result of a referral from a friend and she would recommend Kam with no doubts!

"Thank you so much Kam! Kam is a great teacher who is very supportive and patient, with an infectious enthusiasm; he took me from someone who was terrified of driving to someone who could pass and feel confident on the roads. Don't know where I would be without him and his skills, most probably buying a season pass for the bus!" - David Beechey.

Well done to Louie who passed his test at Wigston after completing an Intensive. "Thank you so much Kam! You really were very good". "I told my Mum when you did your honest assessment on me before my intensiveand I told her this is the guy that's going to help me pass!".

Well done to Jey Kandasemy who passed in Loughbrough and said "I wanted to say thank you for helping me pass my driving test" in a card he sent to Kam!

Well done to Macauley who passed his test in Melton first time after completing a 5 day intensive course! He said "Thanks Kam, you really were so good at helping me to pass my test after finishing my intensive course! I will be recommending you to my sister!".

Well done to Teresa who passed her test in Hinckley with Kam Dholakia! "Thank you so much Kam, you gave me so much help and confidence! I left it a little late in life but having passed my daughter and her boyfriend they both recommended you highly and you lived up to all expectations, my son is next!".

Well done to Holly Dixon who passed her test at the first attempt with Kam Dholakia in Loughborough! Congratulations from Acclaim!

Well done to Albert Maristela on passing his test first time with only 2 minor faults in Loughborough!

Well done to Brandon who passed his test in Lougborough with Kam Dholakia! He said "Thank you so much Kam! I still really cannot believe it!".

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