By The Acclaim Team on 08th December 2020 in News

A career as a DVSA driving instructor can provide the dream work-life balance that many of us long for and can provide plenty of amazing opportunities that can only come with being a driving instructor.

With a low startup cost, an incredible chance of earnings and flexible working hours tailored to suit your lifestyle, among many other benefits, a driving instructor career can be more than rewarding. As a driving instructor, you have the opportunity to teach people the skills and knowledge they need to drive safely and pass their DVSA driving test.

Thinking of becoming a driving instructor? Here are just a few of the benefits of starting your career as a DVSA driving instructor.

Train Around Your Current Job

If you’re looking to become a driving instructor, then you will need to undertake training first in order to gain the qualifications needed to start training. This training ensures that you are fully up-to-date with rules and regulations and can confidently support students with their learning, with a DBS check and three different parts of training to pass.

The great news is that training to become a driving instructor can take place around your current job, giving you a flexible approach of freedom around your schedule to carry out your training. And, if you decide to become a driving instructor through Acclaim Driving, you are given a fully integrated training programme and can be teaching on the road in a matter of months.

Our training program is carried out by training instructors with over 30 years of experience, with a guaranteed position with Acclaim Driving upon completion of your training. Not to mention our flexible payment options, making it even easier for you to join us!

Job Satisfaction

Is driving a hobby of yours? Or are you simply looking to make a real difference? The job satisfaction you get from teaching students and supporting them on their journey to passing their DVSA driving test is a satisfaction like no other. 

You’ll be helping others to gain a valuable life skill and watching them pass can be an incredible moment supported by your support and help throughout their learning experience. 

Choose Your Working Hours

There’s no need to worry if you have other commitments - choosing to become a driving instructor means that you can choose your working hours to suit your lifestyle. 

Of course, this does work both ways - you can choose to reduce the number of students you take on to have more time to yourself, or alternatively, you can choose to take on as many students as you wish. As well as this, with Acclaim Driving, you will also be provided with holiday entitlement.

With that being said, many learners prefer to have lessons outside of work or school time, which means that you could focus on working evenings and weekends and have more free time during the week. It's up to you!

Better yet, with Acclaim Driving, we run a computerised diary that allows your students to book around your schedule, taking the hassle away from you needing to compromise with your students.

Earning Potential

The great thing about choosing to become a driving instructor is that you have a choice over your earning potential. You can still earn a great amount from working reduced hours, or you can choose to fill up your schedule to earn more. For example, a driving instructor salary can earn up to £800+ a week depending on how busy your diary is.

A great reputation through word of mouth also really helps to build up your portfolio and encourages students to learn with you, making it super easy to gain new students! 

Be Your Own Boss

Looking for a more flexible lifestyle? As a driving instructor, the idea of becoming your own boss is a welcoming prospect that means you can enjoy the benefits that come with being your own boss. 

You can have a great earning potential with competitive lesson prices that produce great earnings. Choose which days and times are best suited for you and you can even work in the vehicles that you love best. As well as this, you can also tailor your student radius to make it more practical if you’d rather have students that live closeby to your home.

Experienced Management Support

With Acclaim Driving, you are able to take advantage of a fully experienced management team to support you whenever you may need it. We also have telephone sales and service staff who are on-hand to maintain your diary of driving lessons, provide your students with full back-up support and can secure driving lesson bookings from students who prefer to call up to book, rather than booking online.

Our Marketing Program

Unlike some of our competitors, we take charge of Acclaim Driving marketing to support you in gaining students. With our full marketing and advertising program, we are able to provide our driving instructors with a secure number of students, to driving instructors both locally and nationally. This takes the hassle away from you building up your bookings through your own marketing and provides you with more job security.

Not to mention that you’ll have your very own personal webpage on our website that local students can visit and book with you online!

Get Started Today!

When you join Acclaim Driving as a driving instructor you will become a part of one of the UK's leading driving schools. We can offer you a flexible franchise package tailored to suit your needs, lifestyle and preferences.

Train now to become a Driving Instructor and take advantage of our low prices. You can start training to become a driving instructor at just £195!

If you have any questions or would like more detailed information on the training course; please feel free to contact us directly on 07423 434761 or contact us online.