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How to buy and care for your car

If you need to change a flat tyre, you first need to stop in a safe place on a flat surface away from other traffic, before applying the handbrake. After you have parked up, switch your hazard lights on to alert other drivers that your vehicle is stationary.

Whether you’re on a long journey or travelling not so far, having your screen wash topped up at all times is crucial for road safety. Filling up your screenwash is a quick and simple task that should be done on a regular basis to avoid smears on the windscreen or to wipe away anything obstructing your view for maximum visibility.

You can save money on fuel by driving carefully, taking care of your car and having advanced driving lessons to better understand driving more economically.

Your tyre pressure must be checked every couple of weeks and before long journeys.

You can check your oil levels by locating the dipstick under the bonnet and ensuring the oil is between the two lines.

Modifying your car is entirely your decision, however, it can cause your insurance premium to shoot up in price.

Insuring your car will need to be done on an annual basis to protect you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft of your vehicle.

When insuring your vehicle, you will need your driving licence number (located on your driver’s licence or driving test certificate), car registration number and the credit or debit card which you would prefer to use for your monthly/annual payments.

‘Comprehensive cover’ is the top-level of insurance you can take out for your vehicle, which covers you for damage that's not the result of a collision, such as theft, vandalism, natural disasters, fire and some damage done to your car.

When choosing the type of insurance cover for your vehicle, you will need to input an amount for voluntary excess, which is the amount you would need to pay if a claim is made on your insurance policy.

For young drivers, insurance can be costly, so you may want to consider reducing your premium by installing a dashcam or a black box. A top tip to lessen the costs is to use insurance comparison websites (including GoCompare, MoneySuperMarket, Confused.com and Compare The Market) or to phone up insurance providers directly, as they may be able to offer a great deal. 

Whether you have just bought your first car or are renewing your road tax for the very first time, you will need to understand that your car must be taxed before you can drive it.

When buying a car, you should research the expected monthly costs (finance, insurance, tax, repairs, MOT) and find out more about the condition of the vehicle.